Sunday, January 29, 2012

Snowbound by Ruth Elinor Heston


On this one particular bitterly cold and wintry January day, Mark left at four thirty in the afternoon to fight the elements on his way home from work. Three inches of new fallen snow made driving hazardous and it was a bit of relief for him to pull in their driveway and leave the Envoy to fight the elements on it's own. Marie was still at work and Brandon, their son, was in the basement playing games on his iPad. After just a few minutes to change his clothes, Tweety their cat, sat watching Mark relaxing in the hot tub from inside on her third story 'hangout' by the double glass doors overlooking the hot tub on the deck. It was beginning to get dark and perhaps getting restless from watching Mark in the hot tub, Tweety jumped down from her highrise and did a big 'no no'. Among all of her toys, Tweety finds it far more fun to play with the wooden handle that is an added safety feature to lock the glass doors at night. And this she did! By now it was quite dark and when Mark got out of the hot tub to make a mad dash for the door, he found he was locked out of his house. He got back in the hot tub to 'thaw out' and to rationalize his predicament. He came to the conclusion his only alternative was to get back out of the nice hot water and run around the side of the house, unlock the gate to the fenced in back yard and run to the front door using the keyless entry. He was barefoot, just in swim trunks, no towel, soaked to the skin, and must have come in the house looking like a bug in an ice cube. Tweety nonchalantly was yawning from her third story 'penthouse' trying her best to look innocent of the whole episode. After a nice hot shower and getting dressed, knowing Mark, he probably went to Tweety with a smile and a treat. That is his way.....

Mark Eugene Heston, grandson of Amanda (Carlson) Burkland ~ story written by his mother, Ruth.

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