Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Far Out, Man.....

I plan to take part in the Slice of Life March Challenge, but wonder if the first week I will fail.  Now why would I worry about this?  I have participated for four years and managed to put something together for 99% of the time.  In fact, the challenge forces me to write.  And that is a good thing.  My fear is because we will be traveling the first week of March, I am not sure how much down time we will have.

We will be on the Flower Power Cruise!  We have already received our Flower Power T-shirts and I have purchased a few items that will take us back to the 1960s. We have love beads, a headband with a peace sign on it, John Lennon hats and a pair of John Lennon sunglasses.  Ray tells me that he doubts he will be wearing the love beads or the peace sign tattoos, but we shall see.

Ray was the one who first heard
about the Flower Power Cruise and mentioned it to me.  From there, I got on line and signed us up fearing that there would be no more room on the ship.  We have no clue as to what it will be like.  We know we will enjoy the music and hope to meet some of the artists.  Micky Dolenz from the Monkees, Peter Noone from Herman's Hermits, Mark Lindsay from Paul Revere and the Raiders....wow...those are just a few!  It will be like watching "Where the Action Is"* while cruising to Key West and Cozumel.

My Slices will probably be short, with pictures of the day's activities and short descriptions.  I hope to get at least that much done.  "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" as we "Dance to the Music" and are"Groovin" to the tunes.  "Can't You Hear My Heart Beat!!"
Peace and Love to us all.

Here is a website for the 2017 Flower Power Cruise.  This year's has been sold out for weeks. Flower Power Cruise 2017

*For those young people who may not know about "Where the Action Is", here is a YouTube clip to enjoy.  Where the Action Is  It was an after school show full of music, dancing and fun.

Monday, February 15, 2016

St. Valentine's Day Maxine Scene

I meant to write this post for Valentine's Day, but have to admit that I completely forgot.  Even reading all of the Valentine wishes on Facebook did not jar my memory to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, to write this piece.  So, using the cliche, "Better late than never,"  I will write it today.

My sister and I were sorting family pictures last November (Yes, I have been waiting since November to write this! How could I have forgotten!) we came across a Valentine that my mother had made for my father.  It looks like she took a doily and sewed it onto a piece of thick paper. She had typed an endearing poem that she had written, just for my dad.

Anyone who knew my parents knows that my father thought my mother was the sweetest, funniest, prettiest and most wonderful woman in the world.  I have written a number of posts that support this. I will list them at the bottom for any who may want to read some.  Maxine, my mother, was a one of a kind character and my dad, Mort, loved her unconditionally with his whole heart...as she did him.  I was so fortunate to have Maxine and Mort as role models.

Here is the Valentine Maxine wrote to Mort!  It shows her true personality.  It may sound a bit self centered...but she really knew my dad, and this is just what he would have wanted.

I will type the poem in case it is difficult to read from the picture.

Roses are red, violets are blue
I wracked my brain for what to give you.
Then my mind drifted to something for me,
Things made of wood, real pretty to see.
So I thought I would buy a real handy tool
So you can make me things really cool.
Not knowing what tool you need the most
I'm giving you money---so then I can boast
About all the nice things you're making for me
'Cause your'e my Valentine and I love thee!

She knew my dad.  He did like to spend time in his workshop, especially working with wood.  I am sure he made her something special with whatever tool he bought.  It probably had a butterfly theme. Yes, there was only one Maxine, but there was only one Mort, too.  I think it is time to write a series about how they met, not quite the classic as War and Peace...but pretty close.

Mort and Mack still holding hands!

Fun Maxine stories!
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