Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston: Mourn the Lost. Hope the Worst Is Over. But, Please Have Perspective, and Don't Live in Fear.

I don't think I can write a post for my blog today.  I tend to like to write light hearted posts and I just don't feel that today.  While walking with my friend, Ann, yesterday (taking advantage of one of the few warm days we in Toledo have had this spring and reinforcing, Jozy, her young golden retriever's lesson of heeling) she received a text.  Ann glanced at the text but could not read it because of the sun's glare, but she did see the word Boston.

"My friend, Linda, must have sent me a recipe for Boston Cream Pie," she said...and we continued our walk.

Oh how I wish that had been the message...but as you all know...it was informing us about the bombs exploding at the Boston Marathon.  We found out while driving home.

I found myself watching the coverage...seeing the same footage...over and over...watching that same runner fall with what appeared to be something white hitting him...seeing someone dressed up in an M&M costume...watching so many run to help...and hearing the panic of the people...

I had to turn off the television...but then was drawn to Facebook.   I know people in Boston...I have relatives who live there.  Facebook answered my questions...all were okay...but there were other posts that made me sad...people already politicizing it.  I read on...most posts were sending their thoughts and prayers...healing energy...and I saw many words of wisdom.  These far outnumbered those politicizing it...so my faith in the human race has returned. 

The comedian Patton Oswalt wrote an inspiring post on Facebook called  The Good Outnumber You and We Always Will that is worth reading.  It is short but powerful...and of course has gone viral.

 I will end this with wise words that my nephew, Nathan Foster, wrote on Facebook yesterday.
"Mourn the lost. Hope the worst is over. But, please have perspective, and don't live in fear."


  1. I'm writing your nephew's words on a notecard for my mirror. It's tricky to not feel like you have to watch every step and expect the worst. Thank your for a thoughtful slice!

  2. Your nephew is wise. Mourn, hope, live. It's all we can do.

  3. Your nephew is right. We cannot live in fear. If we do, "THEY" win.

  4. If only we were really responding to these events as your nephew has suggested. But we aren't. We are pulling in, drilling, locking down, inspecting, photographing all in the name of safety. As if those things would really make us safe. They just make us prisoners and more afraid.