Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Last Sunday I flew to Fort Lauderdale, Florida with my good friend (since high school), Ann, to pick up a car that her husband had bought.  It was a bit of a whirlwind trip because Ann had to be back in Toledo before Friday because she was scheduled for knee replacement surgery.  We planned to visit my friend, Rae, (Yes, the Rae who has been the subject of a few blog posts.)  at Clearwater Beach on our return home.  Our goal was to get to Toledo on Wednesday.  That would give Ann Thursday to prepare for her surgery. 
Frank and Ann showing all the pins where he has
sold cars on EBay.

Ann booked a flight on Spirit Airline...one way...aisle seats.  I had heard about Spirit.  The flights were cheap, but at a cost.  The seats are closer because they added three more rows.  Everything costs...even carry on baggage.  We packed light...one carry on between us....figured that we could do some laundry at Rae's.  I was prepared for an uncomfortable two hours and fifty-four minutes. 

The night before our flight I stayed at Ann's because we had an hour drive to the airport for a 7:00 A.M. departure.  It was going to be an early morning and an uncomfortable flight.  For some reason, Ann was able to board with the second group and I was with the last group.  We thought it was because she had the carry on and I was empty handed.  I did not mind though....that meant less time sitting in that cramped seat.  I finally boarded and slipped into my seat.  Hmmm...not bad.  Of course, I am 5'3", so did not have the long legs and long torso of the poor guy next to Ann.  He was in a middle seat.  The thought of trading seats with him flew through my mind...but he fell asleep soon after take off, so I let it be.  All in all...Spirit was a pleasant surprise.  The seats did not feel that cramped, the flight was smooth and we even got to Ft. Lauderdale early.

This was our promotional gift of a beach
towel and bag.

Neither one of us was impressed with the airport at Ft. Lauderdale.  We had thought we would find a restaurant to eat before we got to the car dealer.  (Ann was to call and they would send someone to drive us to the dealership.)  We had not eaten breakfast and were hungry.  There was no place except a place with pre-wrapped food with tables with no seats...just stand and eat.  We decided to wait for lunch because the dealership was to have all  of the paperwork ready for Ann to sign and we would be on our way soon.  We had about an hour to wait and found seats next to outlets so that we could charge our phones. (I hate to let my phone charge get low.)  The airport earns an A+ in having outlets close to seats.

Finally, a silver Cadillac arrived.  Soon we were at the dealership, Century Motors of South Florida.  I admit, I sighed in relief when this place looked like an upstanding real business.  I knew that Michael would not have gotten a car and sent us to pick it up without knowing that the business was okay...but I did have a few visions of finding this car on some back alley with a bunch of shady looking employees.  Any doubt I had had was washed away when I stepped through the doors.  Sitting on the desk were two friendly kitties.
Katty the Kitty

After a couple of couple of hours we were on our way to Clearwater Beach.  We got there in time to see a beautiful sunset and a dinner of meatloaf, scalloped potatoes and broccoli.  The next day we relaxed....walked along the beach....took a dip in the pool...and had pizza for dinner.  The next morning we were on our way by 5:00 A.M.  We hoped to miss the storms traveling across the south.
EBay the other kitty

We made it to Williamsburg, Kentucky and stayed at the Cumberland Inn.  The air conditioner seemed to vibrate the floor when it was running...and my bed was closest to it...so it felt like one of those old bed massagers they used to have in hotels.  It was great...and it seemed that the bed even vibrated when the air conditioner from  the floor below was running.  The beds were comfortable...and mine gently rocked me to sleep.

The next day morning we were on our way by 7:30.  We had managed to skirt the storms the day before but it was raining when we left.  Radar showed that we would be leaving the rain after about an hour and then have clear skies all the way home.  (I love having so much information at my fingertips with my iPhone.)
Sunset view from Rae's window
at Clearwater Beach.

Ann had Thursday to rest and prepare for her surgery on Friday.  I visited her Friday afternoon and she was already moving her toes and walking.  Wow....she was discharged on Sunday.  Megan, her daughter is an RN has been there for Ann's transition.
Ann: Day after complete
knee surgery.
So...this has been a long post describing our short trip.  I was traveling last Tuesday and so Ray posted my blog post for me.  I really did not have an opportunity to read many blogs to write comments, so will to more this time.  One more thing....the car was a Rav-4...cute, black, drove great, and happy in its new home.

Here is a video of Ann walking.


  1. Sounds like you and Ann had a great trip. I love the two greeters at the dealership. With these two you know it had to be a good place. It is always nice when things (the plane ride) turn out better than we expect. Glad you missed the storm on your drive home. Can 't of much worse than driving an unfamiliar car halfway across the country in stormy weather. Also glad to hear Ann 's surgery went well.

  2. I love quick impromptu trips, especially when it allows you to stop in to visit another friend. Love the kitties at the dealership! I hope Ann continues healing and who knows where you will be going next.

  3. Sometimes there are benefits to being short!