Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Distractions While Writing


I don't know who these people are, but they
were posing for pictures.
I intended to write about going to the German American Festival in Toledo on Sunday for my blog today.  Ray had noticed that there would be some of the same beer there that he had had when we were in Germany this summer.  He thought it would be interesting to see if the beers tasted the same.  Ray is not your typical beer drinker...a glass of wine is more to his taste.  But he did sample a number of beers while in Germany.  I can't stand the smell of it, so water was my choice of beverage.

At the moment I sat down to begin writing, my friend, Ann, sent me a text suggesting a lunch date today.  Hmmmm....I returned the text stating that I'd like that, but only after I finished my blog.  I also did not want to go to fast food or anyplace serving brats and/or sausage.  But, I must get back to writing....no lunch until the blog post is finished!

I sat looking at the computer screen with many beginnings of ideas, but then found myself checking Yelp for 'lunch places in Toledo'.... someplace different.  Wasn't there an article in the Toledo Blade about tea rooms?  I remembered reading about two places that sounded fun.  Soon, I am digging through the recycle bin searching for the correct paper.  Drat!  It must be under all the bottles and cans...and I am too short to reach it. 

I have returned to the computer...maybe I can find the articles on line.  Ann sent another text which saved me from time spent searching for tea rooms. She suggested we go to the Village Inn in Sylvania.  Now, I can return to this blog about our visit to the German American Festival.  First... I should check the menu at the Village Inn.  I really don't want a heavy lunch.  Do they have salads?  Ah...I see lots of choices...so I should have no problem finding something for lunch.  The website has pictures of the place, too, so I must look through those.

It is almost 10:30 and I have yet to begin my post about the GAF.  I have been distracted and fear the fun day we had there is slipping from my memory.   Pictures!  Here they are with captions.

Ray drinking Kölsch

Rauchbier, Ray's favorite.  It has
a smoky flavor.  I have a picture of Ray
drinking this while in Germany, but my
12:00 lunch date is calling.
I called to change lunch to 12:30 so that
I could find the picture of Ray drinking
Rauchbier in Germany.

Our friend, Sharon, tired the beer, too.
Sharon and Dan traveled with us.

Third and last beer...Radeberger Pils
  Ray is wearing the hat he got in Germany.

Women's Steintossen competition.  This woman is throwing
a 75 pound stone into the sand pit.

This man is throwing a 138 pound rock in the Steintossen competition.

Another fine toss of a stone.

Inside the big Fest Tent where people can buy yummy German food.
Potato Pancakes

I am having a snack of potato pancakes.
We saw lots of people dressed in similar clothing.
That's it!  I apologize for the disjointed post, but sometimes it just has to do.  We did have fun at the GAF.  I did not write about the music...but there was lots of accordions, tubas, zithers and guitars playing at various places. 

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  1. I love this post. It wouldn't be nearly as entertaining without your cute inclusion of all that was distracting. A smoky flavored beer, I haven't run across one of those YET!! Tell Ray I said "CHEERS." I can't wait to read more of your writing. You excel!!!

  2. What fun! The pictures are great. I wish I had been there! :-)

  3. Wow! That looks like a fantastic trip. I am amazed by both the beer and the stone throwing! We have a great German restaurant near us, but I don't think they do potato pancakes like the ones you captures...looks delicious!

  4. Jackie,

    Now that was a Slice of Life! Love it.

    Your writing was filled with the sense of our everyday moments - bombardment of distractions. Multi-tasking times ten - it's enough to drive us batty. :-)

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your slice and look forward to more.