Friday, March 14, 2014

If the Shoe Fits...

All dressed up for a day at the park
I had to chuckle when I read Cathy's post yesterday where she was trying to pick out what she was wearing for the day while looking in her closet. Merely Day by Day  My comment to her was that my mother, Maxine, would not approve.  Before bedtime, Maxine would select her clothing for the next day.  Polished shoes, nylons, everything neatly pressed and lint free would be ready for her the next morning.  Everything matched and everything looked crisp.  That was essential and a must in Maxine's eyes.  She would even have my father's suit, tie, shirt and shoes hanging on his valet stand.

So...morning expectations were high in our household....there was no need to rush around frantically searching for something to was already determined.  I fear that I did not continue that evening ritual....there might have been enough "Maxine preparedness" in me that I used to think as I crawled into bed about what clothes I might wear the next day.  Of course, I would assure myself that there would be something...close my eyes...and go to sleep.
My parents, Mort and Maxine
I can remember only a few Maxine wardrobe malfunctions.  One was when we lived in Indiana.  My parents drove together to work in Indianapolis, which was quite a distance from where we lived.   Mother did not drive...well, did not like to drive...and it was really safer for all if my father would drop her off at her office and then go to his.  On one wintery day, mother realized only after taking off her boots that she had two different shoes!  How horrible!  What made it worse was that the shoes looked alike, but the heels were different heights. 

She called my father.  This was an emergency.  She could not spend the day tottering around on these shoes...she looked drunk...what would people think!  Finally, my father said he would drive the half hour back to the house and get her the matching shoe.
  (He was a saint) 

Taken on a Trip out West

After an hour Maxine was wondering what was taking him so long.  She had not been able to concentrate because of her shoe problem.  Someone had suggested taking them off!  Can you imagine that!  That was not proper office etiquette.  The phone rang, my father had arrived, but needed mother to come down to get her shoe because he was parked in a loading zone. (She worked in a tall office took the elevator.)   She hobbled outside and saw my dad leaning against the car with a silly grin on his face.
"You told me that the shoe was a black  with a heel.  I was not sure which one so thought I'd let you pick out the right shoe." With that, he opened the trunk...full of black shoes...all of different heights.  They all looked alike to him...but she easily picked out the matching shoe...and all was right with Maxine's world.


  1. Jackie, that is a wonderful, delightful story! I don't know who is my favorite character. Your dad must have been a gem. I'm thinking my husband would have come back with a brown boot, maybe…. Thank you for sharing - I love reading Maxine stories. My mom was so similar - all clothes and shoes matched. We drove her crazy on Mother's Day because we would wait until the last minute before church to give her the corsage for church and she would want to match the ribbon to her suit. If dressed, she would go back and change. Gotta love that!

    1. Lisa, Love the story about your mother on Mother's Day. She would have had a nod of approval from Maxine.

  2. What a great story. You are right, your dad was a saint!

  3. What a lovely story! Your dad was a saint. Don't know what it says about me, but when I worked all of my sport coats, yes, I wore a jacket and tie to school every day, were arranges in order so that I knew what jacket would be worn the next day. I never wore two of the same color on back-to-back days.

  4. Your story makes me smile and you're right, your dad was a saint. Imagine all those black shoes. Sounds like he had a sense of humor too. :)

  5. I think I will take some of Maxine's advice next week and put my outfits together! The shoe story is wonderful - your dad really understood your mom!

  6. At least once each school year someone wears different shoes to school. I've almost left in my houseshoes several times. Thanks for the story!