Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Surprise Package!

I know I have mentioned how glad I am that there is a Facebook.  I know many think that people share too much information or post mean political stuff.  I know that there have been Facebook fights where people say horrid things to each other. I know that terrible bullying has occurred.  I could make a long list of why some people have a negative view about Facebook.  But, for me, Facebook has reconnected me with childhood friends, relatives I rarely get to see, and also the opportunity to make new friends that I may never meet, but who have the same interests as I.

I have written twice about my Smile Project on Facebook.  This is where I post a picture of a smile each day.  My Facebook friend, Susan Keeker, started this.  I have a rough draft about Susan and her sister, Jamie, but today I have to write a short post that says 'THANK YOU' to them.

Yesterday I received a package in the mail.  Ray had gotten the mail and set the package on the table for me to see when I returned from my walk in the park.  Stepping into the kitchen I noticed the package and wondered what it might be.  I had already received all of my on line orders, so this was a mystery.  When I opened this package all I could do was smile.  Susan and Jamie had made a My Social Book of all of the smiles from last year....and ordered a copy for me!   How kind, how thoughtful, how wonderful to open a surprise book of smiles.  Thank you, thank you and thank you again.  I wish someone would have been there to take a picture of me when I first opened it to catch that spontaneous smile. Oh well, maybe Ray and I will try to recreate it.

If I had not joined Facebook, I would never have reconnected with Susan and Jamie.  I am not sure when I last saw them.  Our families (along with the Lamars, Wilsons, Wileys and Tresslers) would all have picnics and get togethers when I was young.  My family moved to Ohio when I was in the 8th grade so the visits were sparse after that.  Jamie and Susan were quite a bit younger...maybe four or five, so I really did not get to know them until Facebook reunited us as friends.

Jackie holding the Smile Book and card from Jamie and Susan

Look at all of the smiles!
Well, we did not recreate the spontaneous smile....but I hope this shows how touched I am.  I will be smiling each time I think about this thoughtful gift!


  1. Don't you just love surprise gifts? What a great gift! Something that will generate a smile every time it is viewed.

  2. I haven't smiled enough lately, so I especially appreciate your post for today. That surprise package was terrific, and brought a smile to my face. I also love your blog. The background phot is just beautiful. Maribeth Batcho

  3. An unexpected package in the mail is always exciting. May the smiles keep coming.

  4. How lovely for the re-connection through facebook, and this thoughtful gift. I also am thankful for facebook as a way to connect to family and friends who live far away.

  5. Oh my gosh...I love this idea. A smile a day! And what a precious gift of smiles! :)

  6. What a lovely idea! I'm glad you were able to reconnect with people from your past!