Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Frank's Place

I did not get to write a post for my blog last.  I really thought I could do it, but ran out of time.

Ray and I were in Warsaw, Illinois.  We came to check on our family cottage "Frank's Place" and visit my cousin Ruth who lives in Keokuk, Iowa.  Ruth has written a few posts for this blog...telling about how my great grandparents immigrated here from Sweden.  Her mother, my Aunt Amanda, was with the family on their journey to start new lives in America.

Our cottage sits on the Illinois side overlooking the Mississippi River.  Warsaw is a really small town...1,600 population.  Hollywood could use Main Street as a time period location for a Prohibition Era movie.

Sidewalk in Warsaw, Illinois

Main Street, Warsaw, Illinois
  Ray says he could imagine John Dillinger or Bonnie and Clyde shooting their way out of the bank, jumping into black Fords and roaring off with their ill gotten gains.

Hill-Dodge Banking Company

So...any film producers or directors...if you are looking for a quiet town for a movie site...check out Warsaw, Illinois.

Farmer's Bank in Warsaw, Illinois


When we arrived on Monday we found some of the tiles in the kitchen hanging from the ceiling....water stained...oh no...a leak in the roof.  No one had stayed here for over a year, so we were prepared for some minor stuff...but not the roof!!!   (We did find a person who will be able to put on a new roof...just happens to live down the street and knew my Uncle Frank.)  There were also dead bugs in piles below the windows. Yuk!  Most of these were Japanese Beetles, box elder, flies, and wasps or mud daubers.  I was glad that I brought my Dyson vacuum as I was able to suck up all of the bugs Monday evening.
View of Mississippi River from Warsaw, Illinois

Most of Tuesday was spent cleaning the bathrooms, kitchen, cleaning out the refrigerator, and pulling vines that had crawled up the sides of the house, and a quick clean for the rest of the place.  The animals had a feast last night with so many stale crackers, old cheese and other food that I threw out.

So...that is my excuse for not posting anything in the blog last week.  I will put a few pictures of the area on here.  A red headed woodpecker was sitting on the clothes line post...but my picture was taken from inside through the screen...so it is not very good.
Woodpecker ready to fly.

There are lots of birds and other wild life that wander through the yard...and the feral cats have even made paths as they go from house to house....so its a great place for photography...and also star gazing.

Baltimore Oriole

I like "Frank's Place."  It belonged to my Uncle Frank and we have furnished it with a lot of family pictures, funiture built by my grandfather, and paintings done by my grandfather and Uncle Frank. 
Dining Room (Uncle Frank's picture on wall)

My Grandparents and Uncle Frank

Looking into Living Room from Dining Room (My Grandfather's old fishing pole on wall)

Part of Living Room
I wish it would get used more often, a house needs people in it to be alive or it becomes old and worn down...just like our bodies...if we don't keep in motion we get stiff.  
Feral Cat...and Its Path

For a few years a group of archaeologists would stay at the cottage while they were digging at a secret location...later announced to be Fort Johnson from the War of 1812...that was just a block from here.  But that is another story...so will stop and post some pictures of Warsaw and the cottage.


  1. The cottage and town of Warsaw are charming. Thanks for sharing! I live in Illinois, but I've never been to Warsaw. Thanks for a mini trip.

  2. The cottage and town of Warsaw are charming. Thanks for sharing! I live in Illinois, but I've never been to Warsaw. Thanks for a mini trip.

  3. What a lovely cottage! Sounds like it wasn't an unbearable amount of work to get it cleaned up. I love how you filled the cottage with your family's history.

  4. I was thinking of the cottage in the Dragon Tattoo books while I read this. A cabin seems filled with ideas of romance to me.

  5. What a journey this post was! Moving through the town, then into the cottage. So much family history in the cottage.

  6. The way you compared a empty house and our bodies wearing down was beautifully written. How so very true as I think of my grandparent's house that now sits empty. It even looks sad with no one coming in and out the doors.

  7. Thank you for writing this and taking me on this journey. I could almost feel the cottage reviving as you cleaned and cared for it. I hope more family visits are in it's future.

  8. What a wonderful blog appearance and journey to share with us. Yup you had a genuine excuse for missing your Slice last week. THis one makes up for that one and a second. :)

  9. It may only have 1,600 people, but it looks like a town with a lot of heart. Thanks for sharing your journey, in words and pictures, with us!