Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Some of Uncle Frank's Photos from the Kwajalein during WWII

While we were in Warsaw, Illinois a couple of weeks ago we decided to bring home a photo album to scan the pictures.  These are pictures that my Uncle Frank Carlson took while on the aircraft carrier Kwajalein during World War II.  He was the ship's photographer.  Most of his photos remained with the Navy as they are the property of the Navy...but we have a few that I will post on the blog today.  I had them on Facebook, but this will be a more permanent place to keep them.

We found one of the pictures that he took on Wikipedia!

Thomas Catsanova, Kwajalein (Ship's Mascot)

This is the deck of the Kwajalein aircraft carrier.

Uncle Frank Carlson with his camera.

Typhoon: December 18, 1944, South China Sea.  They were dumping planes off the ship.

Another typhoon picture.

One more typhoon picture.

Morning exercises

USS Arizona 1944



Uncle Frank in his lab.

Christmas Eve, 1944

Pacific Sunset 1944

We have more, but these will do for now.  


  1. Thanks for sharing this piece of history with us all.

  2. Jackie, that is amazing! If you have more I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to see them. My roommate in college went home to Kwajelein Island a few times a year so it caught my eye. Thank you for the time to upload these - what a great 'story.'

  3. Wow! I am slow getting around, but I am so glad I stopped. These pictures are amazing. My grandfather was aboard a ship near Japan. You make me want to dig back into that research a bit.