Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hummingbird's Message

I took this at what we call the hummingbird lodge in NM.
I was not going to write for the April 1, Slice....just thought I would take a break, as I felt somewhat relieved to find that I had met the March challenge and had written a post for each day.  I read my step-daughter's last post Unsliced (such a gifted and witty writer) and had similar feelings this last week.  She stated it quite well.   My energy level was waning a bit and my comments were fewer than I wanted.

But, I had told myself that this year I would try again to take part in the Tuesday Slices. How could I think I would follow through with that, if I skipped the first one!  So, here I am, written out...all words sapped out.  What do I do? Well, I will take some advice from an animal.  (And I know, that no matter what animal card I pick...the advice on that card will seem perfect...but I still like to do this.)  So what animal chose to come to me today?

Embrace what makes you happy
Be joyful.  Count your blessings.
Open yourself to pleasure.*
Isn't that a wonderful message!  Now, if I just had Valerie's artistic talent, I could post a hummingbird flying around its message.  But, I will have to be satisfied posting a couple of hummingbird pictures I took in New Mexico....and count my blessings that I did take photos of humming birds.

This little guy was waiting his turn.  Check the
video and you will see that some were
not so patient.

Medicine Cards, Just for Today"  Jamie Sams & David Carson


  1. Glad you decided to post today. I felt like taking a day off because I had no more ideas. What could I write about that I haven't already said in the last 31 days? I really like the hummingbird message. This is something we all need to do more of.

  2. Jackie, that is beautiful! I love to watch hummingbirds - they are fascinating. I'm with you about writing - feeling kind of sapped. I feel like my writing wasn't what it was last year, but I'm so glad I kept up with the challenge. I did miss three days over break but was ready to write the next day. Thank you for this great slice today. Maybe I'll see what I can do about Tuesdays…. You have inspired me.

  3. Give it a try, you can, do it! :-) Love those hummers, I just wish they'd be a little kinder to each other. I can't wait until it warms up a bit and they return. Whenever I sit in the backyard in a red shirt, they have to come check me out.

  4. Oh hummingbirds! What a breath of spring! I can't wait to see some on my feeders as it warms up.