Monday, March 31, 2014

Jackson...Plucky Pucking

Jackson, ready to learn hockey
My great-nephew, Jackson is an active little boy...not quite five years old.  I wrote a post about his big sister, Abby, and how she is active in Girl Scouts (as a Daisy), and so my last post for this month will be about Jackson and his desire to play hockey. 

Jackson without his hockey gear.

When I heard that Jackson wanted to play hockey, I thought it would be short lived.  He was only four and did not know how to skate.  His father was active in tennis, swimming and baseball in high school and his mother was in marching band...none considered contact sports.  But they decided to let Jackson try.  First was to learn to ice skate.  I am going to use pictures to show his progress.  Isn't he a cute little guy?  He was one of the smallest skaters on the ice.  I was also impressed at how older boys...maybe middle school age or early high school age...were there to help the younger ones.

During Jackson's first couple of lessons he had a few
falls where these older boys would encourage him to continue.

Sometimes it took more than one buddy to encourage him.
Jackson did not give up and was soon standing and taking steps on the ice...I call it ice walking. Jackson almost gliding  It took a few more lessons before he was actually gliding.  He has now advanced to the next level, and just a couple of weeks began skating with a hockey stick.
  Here is a slide show.  There are a few ups and downs...but he is a determined little guy.
Jackson's older sister, Abby, often went to the ice rink to watch.  It was not long before Abby wanted to join in the fun.  So, here are a few pictures of Abby learning to ice skate.  She just might get to earn an ice skating badge for Girl Scouts.
  I am so proud of Jackson and Abby.  They show determination and spunk.  Most of all...they have fun.  But, deep down...this auntie hopes they follow in their parents' footsteps and decide that while hockey is fun...swimming, tennis or golf is a bit safer.  But in the mean time Bobby Orr! (or if you are a Chicago Hawks out Patrick Sharp)
Abby (before she got a new helmet), and Jackson


  1. You have every reason to be proud. Jackson's determination proves that anything is possible if you want it badly enough. Love the slide show.

    Jackie, I really enjoyed reading your posts during March. They were always interesting and entertaining. Thank you for your comments and encouragement throughout the month. You gave me the impetus to continue when I thought I had no more to say. Bob

  2. How great to witness the determination of learning something new! You have some cuties to watch their development and growth.
    So glad you returned for another year of stories. :-)

  3. Jackie, I love seeing those little ones enjoy their sport! You captured great moments for them. I too have thoroughly enjoyed your blog this month - you made me laugh, cry and think - great things for a writer. You have a gift of writing that shows your fun personality and the spunk you talked about in your niece and nephew. (I loved that your shoulders would shake when you were 'in trouble' - that just cracked me up! Thank you too for commenting and encouraging me as a writer - I always enjoyed your comments. I can't wait to check back and see what's new. Great Slices!

  4. Grit and determination are so important. Jackie we all held a degree of grit to write everyday. I have so enjoyed your posts and the times you visited my blog. See you for the Tuesday posts?

  5. Look at those adorable cheeks! I agree that they should take up swimming, tennis or golf. Those cheeks should never be put in danger's way. But enjoy the hockey until they figure that part out.

    Thanks again for all the comments this March. I'm hoping I will stop by twowritingteachers on Tuesdays, but I'm not committing yet. When I do I will stop in to see your precious photos, slideshows and family memories. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Aw. He is so adorable! I love the last picture the most. Precious. I know what you mean about hoping they choose something safe. Sometimes though we have to choose something lass safe and more fun. :)