Friday, September 12, 2014

"She's Got a Ticket to Ride"

While writing my last post about Rae's flat tire and the Ohio State Patrol officer helping, I remembered another incident.   Rae liked to drive fast.  I am not sure if she still does, but if I remember, she told me her last speeding ticket was two years ago.  It wasn't her fault!  She was driving friends who were visiting from Ohio.  There were a lot of places to see around Clearwater Beach.  Who knew that construction would slow them.  But they did have time to make one more place...and she proceeded to move 'quickly' through traffic.  The officer did not understand the urgency and handed her a ticket.

I found this picture someone made
of New Rome's reputation.
Rae's son, Kevin, remembers dreading the drive through New Rome, OH.  New Rome was a typical speed trap on Route 40, just west of Columbus.  This little town with a population somewhere between 65-70 people had three police cars (at least) that were placed snuggled next to hedges along the highway.  The speed limit would drop from 55 to 35 with little warning.  After traveling the four or five blocks of the town, the speed limit would change to 45.  I travelled that route every day for a number of years while driving to West Jefferson, where I taught.  It was more often than not that I would see some poor traveler pulled over, police officer by the car, writing a ticket. 

I am not sure how many times Rae was pulled over.  She had to drive through New Rome to get to her mom's house.  Rae told me that when Kevin was little he would look out the back window when driving through New Rome, afraid that the police would stop them again.  Sometimes he begged her to find a different route.  "Maybe they won't catch us this time, Mommy."  Often he would shout, "We made it!" as they passed the last building without seeing flashing lights behind them. 

I found this picture on line.  New Rome
was disbanded in 2004 because of so
much corruption in that tiny village
government.  *

So...when I drove with Rae to Buffalo, NY, to visit Kevin (now a grown man) I should not have been surprised that somewhere on Interstate 71 I saw flashing lights behind us.  I had mentioned to Rae a couple of times that she might want to slow down...she might get a ticket.  And she always did.  I think that most of the time she was just preoccupied and failed to notice how fast she was driving.  The officer was polite and asked if she knew she was traveling 15 miles above the speed limit.  Rae was polite as well..."Heavens no!  I am so sorry.  I will have to be more careful."  But she still received a ticket.

Picture found on line (Carandauto)

"The only reason he gave me a (choice words) ticket is because I am driving a (expletive) red car.  I know it!  That's all they do...sit there and watch for #*%# red cars!" she ranted for the next hour. 

"Maybe it's because you were going 15 miles faster than the limit," I finally said...trying to stifle a chuckle.

"I don't think I was going that  (choice words) fast!  They are just looing for (more choice words) red cars!  And then...I was nice to him...and he STILL gave me a (expletive) ticket!"  (I knew this was not the time to release my would have to wait.)

I suggested that I drive through that part of Ohio on our return.  If I got stopped...maybe the patrol was looking for red cars.  So...we tried that.  If you who know Rae, you know that she is a terrible passenger...always concerned the driver is going to run into something.   I was quite impressed that she allowed me to drive her car.  I was careful and watched my speed.  Well, I thought I was watching my speed.  While driving through that area where she had gotten her ticket...I, too, was pulled over!  I was in disbelief!

Picture found on line (Carandauto)

It was a different office this time...polite and professional.  Did I realize I was speeding?  I assured him that I did not and that I was sorry.  He returned my driver's license and said, "This will be just a warning this time.  Be careful out there."  Oh! how relieved I was!  I had never had a ticket and was so thankful the officer gave me a break. 

I pulled onto the highway, when I heard, "Choice words...and more choice words...I can't believe that you got a (#%*#) warning and I got a (expletives) ticket!"

"Maybe it is because I have never had a ticket," I choked out in squeaks....trying so hard to not laugh. But the tears running down my face, shoulders shaking and the wheezing sounds failed to hide that snicker...that finally erupted.

"It's not funny, Jackie," was Rae's reply as we chugged down the highway.


  1. What a funny story! I can just see Rae seething as she watched you get a warning instead of a ticket. Did Rae ever chuckle over that event?

  2. This is one reason why I refuse to buy a red car. :-) I understand about speed traps. On the route I took to and from school - 11 miles - the speed limit changed 7 seven times. I constantly was checking the speedometer. Still, I did once get a speeding ticket and my car wasn't even red.

  3. Poor Rae! I think she got a raw deal. Your photos made me chuckle, they were just perfect!

  4. Rae did get a raw deal...loved everything about this slice, and hope that Rae feels better soon.

  5. Again, Rae telling Jackie, "it's not funny".