Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Secret of Sedona

Roses: One for Each Year We Have Been Married
I pondered quite a bit on what to write today.  I began a post about the 85th birthday party of an aunt-in-law, Janet Anderson, but want to take more time with the pictures for it.  Then I thought I could write about some experiences from our trip to Europe this summer.  As I scrolled through the pictures I was drawn to our visit to the Mauthausen Work Camp in Austria.  But in order to write about that, I need to take time and refresh my memory with a little research.  I also did not want to write about such a sad, depressing place.  So, what to do, what to do?

  Ah....I found the perfect topic!

Our fifth wedding anniversary was Friday.  This brought memories of how Ray proposed to me.  We had both been married before and divorced for many years.  Neither one of us had planned to get married again....but then we met. Well, we re-met, but that is another story for another time.  We had known each other in high school, but never dated.  Ray Googled my name a few years ago and found me from my work at Cuyamungue.  He later emailed me, and that is how we re-met.  I will write about it in more detail some other time.

One of the many interests that Ray and I share is traveling.  We decided to visit Sedona, Arizona which is one of my favorite places.  The scenery is amazing and there are many trails to hike to get away from the crowded city of Sedona.
Sedona, Arizona

Sunset at Sedona

I should have suspected something when Ray chose a different line to go through security at the airport.  We had never flown together, so I figured he just wanted to get through faster.  Security did take the corkscrew that he had forgotten was in his backpack.  Other than that, the flight was great.

Kachina Woman
Once at Sedona we planned out the trails we would hike.  Sedona is known for having Vortexes, energy fields.  Some say that these are spiraling spiritual energy fields where people go to meditate, heal or pray.  They have names and we decided to visit Kachina Woman.  Ray packed our cameras in his day pack and we were off to see Kachina Woman.  Parts of the sky looked threatening and the wind was forming small dust devils in sandy areas.  But most of the sky was blue with billowing cumulus clouds that would make stunning pictures.

Halfway up the trail Ray asked me to get his small camera from his pack.  It was easier for me to get it so that he would not have to take off the pack.  I started unzipping compartments when Ray spoke in a short, sharp voice. "NOT that one."  It took me aback as he had never used that tone of voice.  This was not looking good.  Was this a new side of him that I was just seeing?  I found the camera and we continued our hike.  He apologized and life was good.

In order to get the whole experience of the rest of the morning, view this video.  It is difficult to hear what is being said because of the wind.  We have made it to Kachina Woman and Ray sets the video camera on a rock telling me that he wants us both in the picture.  That is when he comes over and proposes.   Listen carefully, you can hear it.  The line that breaks the mood is spoken by me.  Ray tells me that he has a date in mind.  September 9, 2009!  He knows that nine is my favorite number.  But my reply is..."The date is fine....but that is when I first got married."  You can see and hear his reaction.  If the video does not work you can click on this link to see it. Ray's Proposal

We had to leave quickly.  We could see rain headed our direction which would make the trail slippery and treacherous to walk.  Halfway down the trail, big oversized drops of rain splatted on the red sandy dirt.  By the time we got to the car our jeans were covered with red mud that had splashed up our legs from our run down the trail.  We noticed another couple running to the parking lot, but there was not other car but ours.  I asked them if they needed a ride and they gratefully slid into the back seat.  We only had to take them to the other trail head which was just a couple miles away.  On our way there we told them about Ray's proposal.  So strange, the first people to hear about our engagement were, George and Jane from Minnesota, total strangers. 

Cloudy Sky with a Little Sun

Ray even had a ring with him.  He had his mother's ring, a family heirloom.  The ring was tucked away in his daypack pocket...the one that I began to unzip when he spoke in that sharp voice.  Now, I understood.  It was not an angry voice but a panicked voice.  He feared I would find the ring and ruin his plan.  Yes, there is a smile on my face as I write this.  Such fun memories!

We decided to get married on September 19, 2009 instead...which turned out to be perfect since it was also Talk Like a Pirate Day.  And yes, that is another story.

Here we are a year and a half later on our honeymoon standing near Kachina Woman.


  1. Such a happy memory! Sedona is a beautiful place, now even more beautiful because of a life changing event. You have the best stories!

  2. Happy belated anniversary. What a lovely video to capture that special moment. I wish you and Ray many years of health and happiness. The beautiful scenery adds to the moment. Your joy shines throughout this post.

  3. What beautiful place, I've always wanted to visit. And - happy belated anniversary!

  4. It appears there's never been a dull moment in your lives. From the day Ray proposed to you and through all the years thereafter, you've filled your days with adventures and fun. Congratulations on your fifth anniversary!!

  5. OMG - I was not expecting this beautiful tribute to love and hope and miracles when I began your post. You took me to the mountaintop - the peak of your love - and then back to the valley of peace and hope where you exist. Lovely

  6. I love your pictures, and how the complete your stories.

  7. Happy Anniversary! I like proposal stories. Your story is colorful.