Friday, July 1, 2016

The Winner of the First Smile a Day Picture Caption Contest!!!

This is the smile picture that needed a fun caption.
A few days ago I posted a picture on Facebook for my Smile Project.  Each day I post a smile. When Your're Smiling  I usually add some sort of comment with it, but this picture needed a caption.  So, I asked for people to add their captions.  After reading a few of them, I decided to make it a contest.  I had not created a contest for ages, so now was the time!  This blog post will show how I determined the winner and announce who that winner is.  I know that everyone is waiting for this 'breaking news' so I will begin.

First, I printed the captions that my friends had written.  I cut them into individual strips.  My plan was to put them all in a hat and have someone pick out the winner. I removed my sister's and husband's captions.  All relatives must be disqualified in such a high stakes contest!

Strips of the Captions.

Next, I folded each strip.  The excitement was growing. Who will be the lucky winner?  How many times should I fold each strip?   I must do this properly.  I don't want anyone to think this was rigged.

Folded Captions

Now, I must find the perfect hat to use.  It did not take me long to find it.  This hat had fallen from its holder just that morning as if asking for me to choose it.  I love how everything was working with me, even the hat knew the importance of this contest.

Thank you, Flower Power Cruise hat for volunteering to take part in the contest.

I had thought that I would have Ray pick out the winning caption, but he was focused on his drone software (and it was not being cooperative). I know he would have taken a few seconds to pick a caption out of the hat...but right when I headed to his walks Ary.  Perfect!  Ary loves to pull things out of nooks and crannies and bat around his discoveries.  I set the hat in front of him and he just looks at me.  So I dump them on the floor next to him.

Oh so close!  Has he chosen the winner?

Expectations are way too high...he needs a break from the excitement.
Well, now what do I do?  I decided that Ray would have to be the one.  I deposited the slips back into the hat and stepped into Ray's office (which is also our spare bedroom).   Ary must have felt guilty for failing me.  He followed me and jumped on top of the bed, and began pawing at the hat.  (Ray told me that Ary was not feeling guilty, but that he was just being a cat,)

Ary to the rescue!
And....if you look closely you will see the winner!  Steve Warner, you are winner of the first Smile a Day Picture Caption Contest!  You now need to message me your address so that I can send you the prize!  I am sure you are overwhelmed with excitement.  And, for those of you who participated and did not win...don't worry.  I know there will be other Smile Caption Contests.

And the winner is.....Steve Warner!
Congratulations, Steve. I would have had this written yesterday, but as you can see, Ary wanted to help me type this, and I find it difficult to type with a cat sitting on the keyboard.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest.  I really love doing these and it is fun when others join me.  Oh, and I almost forgot! (Thanks, Barb, for asking me.)  Here is Steve's caption.

Mom said to get a hair cut and get a real job... That's bull$#!+


  1. What a perfect caption. Love this and the pictures. Nice to know that Ary earned his keep. :-)

  2. Love this idea! The caption fits the picture perfectly! :)

  3. What fun you had! I think Ary picked the perfect caption for that photo!

  4. I LOVE this! Love your kitty pics.