Friday, March 25, 2016

When You're Smiling....

Smiling Susan
Today I am going to continue a project that a friend of mine began a year ago. Each day for a year Susan Keeker has posted a picture of a smile on Facebook.  I am not sure what she expected, but she had quite a following, people looking forward to seeing a smiling face. When she posted that she was going to end the smiles, I considered taking over. I did not say anything because I was timid about taking over such a successful project. (It was similar to the feeling I had when I was asked to take over the spelling bee because the seasoned and winning coach was ill. Bee Serious)  How can I ever make it as positive and fun as Susan has?

But, as last days of the week clicked off, I decided to ask Susan if it would be okay if she handed me the smiling torch and I would do my best.  Of course, being the kind and positive person she is...Susan accepted my offer, saying, "I'm honored. Please, do."  So now, the pressure is on.  Let me just write a few comments she has received about her smiling pictures. 

"You know I have loved your smile project, we have talked about it, there were days when I wasn't sure I could reach in far enough to find a smile within me and bring it out, on those days I could depend on your project to get me there. Thank you my friend for that!!"

"In a world filled with so much negativity, seeing your daily smiles was uplifting. Facebook tends to be filled with so many negative people who do not appreciate what they have - life. I tend to scroll quickly through posts to avoid the negative, but always stop to look at the smiles! Thank you for taking the time to post them!"

"I don't want you to stop!!!! Your smiles were beautiful, comical, stress relieving, joyful, fantastic, inspiring, and a reminder of how contagious they really are!! I loved seeing them every day!!!!"

" I too loved starting my day with your smile posts. My favorite smiles were from the random people you stopped and asked to pose for you. I imagine you made their day and they went on to tell others of their experience. Powerful stuff!"
" One day stands out in my mind when you had had a particularly bad day yourself and didn't feel like posting a smile, but then SO many friends and family commented on your post with smiles of their own to share with you in the hopes of cheering you up. That was an amazing moment to witness! It really showed just how much your smile project has meant to so many of us, and how much you mean to so many people as well."

There is not enough room for all of the comments but these give an idea of how so many people appreciated that Susan took the time to post a smile each day.  I have big shoes to fill, don't I?  I will take the leap and see how it goes.  My fist smile will be one of Susan.  She has touched so many lives and hearts.  Thanks, Susan.

Sit back everyone and view this kickoff  video for The Smile Project begun by Susan and continued by Jackie! You're Never Fully Dressed without a Smile


  1. I just love this. It makes me smile (tee hee). You are the perfect person to carry this torch. Best of luck!


  2. Love the idea for this project. There can never be enough smiles in the world. I wish you well with the project.