Sunday, July 16, 2017

In Memoriam of Our Fur Family Members

It has been a bad five months for pets in our family.  In fact, it has been a sucky year.  Anyone who has had a pet and watched it die, knows how horrid and gut wrenching it is.  Pets are our family.  They give us unconditional love.  They listen and don't tell.  They are happy to see you arrive home.  Well, sometimes cats like to be aloof, but those of you who have cats, know that their ways of showing love is a bit different than dogs.  Of course, if you have a pet, I am not telling you anything you don't know.

Ari and Sarah
It started at the beginning of March.  Linda's brother-in-law (I think of him as mine, too.  We are a close and blended family.) lost his cat Sarah.  I met Sarah a number of times because Sarah and her brother, Ari, (a golden lab) would travel across the country with Danny.  He lives in Eugene with most of his family in Ohio.  Sarah was a visiting cat in Birmingham that Danny got permission to adopt.  When they stopped by my sister's, Sarah was the perfect guest (as well as Ari) and played well with Linda's kitty, Amelia.  We miss Sarah.

At the end of March little Poppy died.  Poppy was a sweet Puggle, half pug and half beagle.  It was Thanksgiving 2004 that Poppy joined our family.  I had found someone who bred puggles and told Maggie.  The puppy would be ready for a home when we celebrated Thanksgiving.  This was Maggie's first dog and oh how she loved Poppy.  Poppy got twice as much love after Maggie married Mike.  They took Poppy everywhere, camping, hiking and bike riding.  Linda had gotten Poppy a small cart to attach to a bicycle and so she was able to enjoy being with Maggie and Mike while they rode the bike trails.  The one thing Poppy did not like was the opossum that wanted to take residence in their yard.  Maggie would always have to check to see if the opossum was in the yard before letting Poppy out.  We miss you, Poppy.

Abby and Beau
In June, my nephew's dog, Beau, died.  Beau was a rescue dog and joined the family as an adult.  He was the protector of the family, especially my niece, Abby.  They were such good buddies.  I don't know how old Beau was, but my guess is that he was around 12 or 13.  He had a long and good life for an English Bulldog.  I think the pictures will show his attachment to Abby and the family. We miss you, Beau.


At the end of June, my great niece, BreAnn and her brothers, Lukas, Dalton and Ethan lost their dog Stewy.  I don't know how old Stewy was, but he was the family dog when she was still in school.  She found him on line and convinced her parents to buy him.  It was a great decision.  He brought lots of laughs and love to everyone.


To make a sad week even sadder, the cat, Pouncy, who lived where BreAnn worked, died.  Pouncy was one of those cats that a business loves having because he was friendly to everyone and people would always check in to visit Pouncy.  This is just too sad.  We miss you Stu and Pouncy.


In July, my nephew's other dog, Spike died. He was 12 years old.  Nathan and LeeAnne got Spike as a puppy.  My mother drove with them to someplace in Michigan to get him.  She always talked about how he was just a little ball with a cute face looking at her as they drove home.  Spike loved everyone and loved to greet us with a warm, wet (very wet) lick, preferably on the face.  I remember one Thanksgiving (our house was where we gathered for Thanksgiving) Beau found Rosie.  Rosie was the bear that Audrey had created at a visit to Build a Bear the day before.  Spike was having a great time tossing little Rosie into the air, catching her and then shaking her with his wet slobbery mouth.  Audrey was such a little girl then, and was was mortified.  Nathan managed to rescue Rosie and after a trip through the dryer, Rosie was fine.  Spike also drove to Pennsylvania with LeeAnne, to keep her company at her new job.  He made being separated from the family a little easier.  We miss you Spike.
Pretty Amelia

And then, last night, Linda sent me a text.  I was expecting it but did not want it to be true.  Her little grey princess kitty, Amelia, died.  Linda had planned to go to her Pike High School 50th reunion that day in Indianapolis.  She called me and said she could not go.  Amelia was not doing well.  I offered to come and stay with Amelia, but I knew from Linda's voice that nothing would get her to leave Amelia.  Amelia was old.  She was fragile.  We are not sure how old she was because she wandered into Linda and Geoff's life as an adult.  Geoff did not hate cats, but he was not a cat lover like Linda and I are.  Amelia walked into their yard as they were talking to their neighbors, George and Lynn.  George loved cats and tried to get Amelia to come to him.  I am sure you know where Amelia went...she went straight to Geoff.  Later, Geoff told Linda that he should put some food out for that little cat in case it was hungry.  And you know the rest of the story...Amelia found a loving home and became Geoff's buddy.  She was a great traveling kitty, too.  They would take her to the cottage, a five hour drive, and Amelia was the perfect traveler.  After Geoff died, Amelia spent a lot of time on her Princess Pillow which was a pillow on someone's lap.  Usually Linda had the Princess Pillow, but Amelia also like sitting on Nana's (Maxine) lap purring as mother brushed her grey fur.  We miss you, Amelia.

Despite all of the sadness, there is a positive.  In walks Felicitas.  (I love the name.)  Last month while my sister was visiting Nathan, a stray cat came to his yard.  When you see her picture you will understand why beautiful is an understatement.  Linda and Nathan put pictures on line for lost and found animals and also checked the neighborhood to see if anyone had lost a cat.  Nathan could not keep the cat because at that time both of their dogs were still living.  They were also in the process of moving, so another animal in the house would not work.  Linda said she would take Filly home until a permanent home was found for her.  No one could believe that this beautiful, friendly kitty would not have a home.  Linda took Filly to the vet to get checked and also check for a chip.  No luck.  But I think it was luck...or maybe it was the mystery of cats.  Filly found a new loving home and Amelia was able to die knowing that Linda would have another kitty to watch over her.  I have not met you yet, Filly, but I already love you.

Felicitas (Filly)

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