Sunday, March 24, 2013

How I Spent My Time at the Chili Cook Off...When I Don't Like Chili

For the past few years my husband, Ray, and I have gone to the Mobile Meals CHILI COOK OFF.  That might surprise many of my friends because they know that I really don't like chili.  I don't like chili beans or any other kind of bean that sneaks into the chili.  I really don't like spicy hot either.  I   pick out the beans, peppers and anything else that looks suspicious and then eat the rest.  Ray's  son, Eric, did make chili for us when we visited him last summer...but he had two hot and one mild for me.  It was perfect...and I thank him for thinking to do that.
Ray's 2nd tray of chili cups

Dancing Fork (the Spoon is in the back wearing green hat)
Dancing Knife
Most of the time I take one bite of that...and then let Ray eat the he ends up eating a lot while I get more cups of chili to taste letting him have the rest.  This year I found out that they have hot dogs there, so I tried walking around searching for the hot dogs staying clear of the dancing knife, fork and spoon.  When I finally found the hot dog place, I paused to search for money in my pocket...looked up and a man got in front of me... buying the last two hot dogs.  Okay...I am not much of a fan of hot dogs...but since Ray was making a meal of the chili cups I thought I would find my meal there too.  Thus...the only other choice was a cup of Moose Tracks ice cream. Yummy!
My tray ready for Ray to eat.  Moose Tracks ice cream for me.

I have to admit that I did find a chili that I liked!!!   I walked up to a table full of smiles...a young woman offered me my cup of chili...another young lady added cheese...another added sour cream...then onions...and last... Frito Chips.  Each was smiling and seemed to be having fun.  I took the cup back to the table ready for my bite and then putting the cup in Ray's tray.  But tasted good...even the could that be!  I used the Frito Chip to scoop the last bit of it from the cup.  Dare I go back for another cup?
Look at these beautiful young women!!

I went back for a second cup and dropped a few dollars in their bucket.  The table with the most money wins the cook off...and this table deserved to win.  I took a picture of these smiling young ladies and asked if I could put their picture in my blog.

They represent "MY SISTER'S HOUSE." My Sister's House is an organization for mentoring, enriching and empowering the lives of young women.  I enjoyed the enthusiasm, smiles and the cooperation they had while greeting people and offering their chili.  If this is an indication of the work of 'My Sister's House' then I am impressed and hope that each of these woman will thrive and reach her full potential to become a positive example for future young girls. 

It's is amazing what one discovers at a chili cook off...not only did I find I could enjoy some chili, I also met some enthusiastic young women who are discovering their own journeys in life.


  1. It is interesting that you have continued to go and that your persistence ended with a turn for you. Something to think about in other aspects of life.

  2. I think you may have found the secret to chili..."fix-ins." We have chili quite often, but always add sour cream and cheese. I love chili --- the spicier the better. We've also found we enjoy chili with spaghetti in it. You might want to give that a try too. ;o) If not, there's always Moose Tracks. You can't really go wrong with that!

  3. Chili is on the menu for our snowy night today and your post made me seriously hungry. Yes, Fritos do make a difference, as does sour cream and cheese (skip the onions for me). Alas, I did not buy Fritos, but I do have tortilla chips. Now I am starving!

  4. Jackie, thank you so much for acknowledging My Sister's House for girls. It is an honor. Giving back and helping others is what we teach our young ladies and truly believe in. I must admit, when we decided to take part in the mobile meals fund raiser it was never to win, but to take part in something that we believe in. So count on us coming back again next year. We thank you and appreciate your kind words and look forward to seeing you again next year!

    Have a Blessed Day on Purpose!

    My Sister's House for girls

  5. Okay, first of all, I think that there might be more vitamins in a cup of moose tracks than in a hotdog, so that would be an okay choice for dinner. Second, it would be tough to mess up chili if there's enough cheese, sour cream, and fritos along with it. Those girls have the right idea! Please note that I still would have picked out the beans!!

  6. Sometimes you find amazing things in the most unusual places...a great organization at a chili cook off...who knew? (PS. I hope they won too!)

  7. I loved hearing your writerly voice in this post. I smiled reading your post title. I do not like chili and so I related to you. Loved the pictures. My husband makes the chili for our home. He splits the pot in half, making it very mild for two of us and little beans. The other he makes hot for himself and the other two.