Sunday, March 31, 2013

Last Day of Challenge but... More Adventure to Come!

Ah...the last day of the challenge!  I wonder how many others will write about this...or at least think it?  I must admit...when I began this challenge I was not sure how stressed I would be...and being truthful...I did have a few tense days....wondering what to write...or searching for a picture.  Yes, I'm  glad Cathy 'encouraged' to take the plunge...and no, Cathy, I did not curse your name... ever.

I plan to continue writing this blog weekly and join the weekly group if that is possible.  I think that Ruth and Stacey have done an amazing feat in getting so many people blogging and commenting on other blogs...and doing this everyday for a whole month...and not a short month like February...but a month with 31 days in it. 

So, it is Easter Day...a day of renewal...of new beginnings...and yet this is the last day of the Challenge....but I intend to make it the beginning of scheduling a blog a week.  I had begun this blog to tell family stories....and encouraged family members to write their stories as well.  Last spring, our family began a long and sad journey when my sister's husband, Geoff, was diagnosed with cancer, spending two long periods in the hospital...30 days the first time...and over 70 days the last time...and died in November. 

My sister amazed me at her determination to be by his side at all be his advocate as well as his wife.  I have always admired my sister's strength, intelligence, humor, sensitivity...but mostly her love of family...and after spending those months together with her I know how fortunte I am to be her sister. 

I did not write any posts for the blog from April until March 1st.  Feeling were too raw. But writing that first post kicked me back into action.  My
mourning continued, but knowing Geoff's sense of humor, I know he would have appreciated some of the Maxine stories as he would encourage  Maxine to tell her stories.  So each day my writing became less of a task and more of an adventure. 

I thank those who have read this blog and I hope you continue to do so.  I will post it on Facebook for those of you not in the Slice of Life.   It has meant a lot to read your comments and to realize that some of you actually looked forward to another story.   There are still many Maxine and Rae stories to tell...and of course, a sprinkling of others.  Seems a lot enjoyed the story Water Fall with Rae and me trying to move a waterbed. 

Of course, I thank my mother, Maxine, who remains with us in spirit and who was my inspiration to begin this tell her how she and my father met...that will take a number of posts though.

Maxine(Nana) with Nathan and Maggie

I want to also thank Rae...for being a good sport and letting me tell stories about her. Those of you who know her know what a super person she is...and wait until you hear the story of wall papering her bathroom.... But that will be later post.

And, yes, I thank my husband Ray. Ray has watched me stress...has been the tech support for me, solving all my computer problems...encouraged me to take the challenge...searched for pictures I could not find....helped me title the posts and proof read the posts before I clicked on 'publish'  and...well, many more ways to support this endeavor. 
Ray and Rae on Pirate Ship in Clearwater Beach

I love doing the those who read my posts....and those who comment which lets me know there are people out there reading.  Have I said 'love' too many times?  I can't help is just how I feel right I think I will listen to LOVE by the Beatles!


  1. I can feel the energy this challenge has given to you. It is contagious.

  2. You have such a fun way to bring your stories to life! So many stories to tell, I am excited at the thought of the future posts. So this is not the end, but the beginning of a year of Tuesday posts. :-)

  3. I've enjoyed reading your daily writings... I agree with Elsie, you do have a fun way of bringing your stories to life.

  4. Your post had me curious enough to go back and read some of your most recent posts and the waterbed really was very funny. Sounds like something I would do. Your stories are very funny--I agree with Elsie, as you unroll them at the perfect pace. I'm glad Cathy talked you into doing the Challenge. Please keep writing!

  5. You know... all you need is love! (Now you've got me thinking about the Beatles!)

    But seriously, thanks for being such an active participant in our SOLSC community. I'm glad you'll be staying on with us during the year.

    See you on Tues.!

  6. It's wonderful you see this as a beginning, too. What a wonderful way to remember your family history; I hope there are many, many more stories to come. Congrats on rising to the challenge!

  7. I'm looking at this as a beginning as well as an end, too. And just think of the treasure you are creating for your family as you collect your stories here in one place. See you on Tuesdays!

  8. Healing can come through writing. I have enjoyed reading your posts!

  9. Jackie, so glad you decided to share your stories with this writing community. I just wanted to thank you for all the comments you have left on mine. Now that we're not writing every day, I can come back to check out the ones that I've missed. See you on Tuesdays.

  10. have been on my "Blog troll" every night. I check yours (and others) each night before I begin writing. I am onto my next writing adventure (the A to Z Challenge...we'll see how that goes!), but will continue to check in on you! Maxine reminds me a bit of my mother in all her tenacity and I look forward to reading more about her and others... Keep writing, keep sharing...I look forward to checking in on you!

  11. Jackie,
    I understand all of the loves you feel. I am glad you sliced and told the family stories! I am also glad to read that you'll continue on Tuesdays! ;)
    Happy Slicing!

  12. I'm glad you joined the adventure. I have enjoyed every stop by your blog and look forward to many more. Most of all, I'm glad you didn't find yourself cursing my name. :o)

    What beautiful words about your sister. I'm not surprised to hear of her strength since I know the strength you have --- and, of course, look at Maxine. **wink wink**

    What a perfect post for the end of the event --- and the beginning of those yet to come.


  13. Have you said "love" too many times? No! There is no such thing as too much love! I have loved your treasure trove and have shared many chuckles with my husband as I have either read them or retold them to him. Please please keep writing! I'll look forward to seeing you on Tuesdays if not more often. And I also look forward to going back and catching up on some of the ones I missed in March.
    Happy Slicing, Healing, and Remembering!