Thursday, March 7, 2013

On The Road

I am going to be on the road most of the day on day seven of the Slice of Life and I am worried that I will not have time to write a blog and post it. I have been in Evansville, Indiana with my sister most of this week...keeping her company as she does school surveys. It has been nice to spend time with her as I have not seen here since Christmas. Today is her last day at a small Christian school in Boonville, Indiana, and then we drive to Indianapolis where I will get my car. I parked it at a family friend's house. (This is the family that took Peppy the chicken...from my Tuesday blog.) Then I drive to my final destination...Toledo...and Linda heads to the Chicago area.

We did not have any wild adventures, but got so spend some good sister time. Thanks, Linda, for asking me to join you....and thanks, Ray, for staying home to take care of the cats. promise to myself it so make Friday's post more interesting. I will have over three hours to think about it on my drive from Indianapolis. So, until Friday...!!!!


  1. Spending time with one's sister . . . priceless ;-)

  2. Don't apologize for this post, it is perfectly fine. A road trip sounds like fun plus you spent time with your sister. Sounds like a good slice of life to me. :-)

  3. Happy travels! I bet your sister has been thankful for the company. Enjoy!