Thursday, March 21, 2013

Travels of Cy the Cylon

Before I started dating my husband (about five years ago) I had never heard of a Cylon or ever watched the show Battlestar Galactica.  Most of my television viewing was the news and Jeopardy.  Enter Ray, Sci-Fi fan, who tried to enlighten me...encouraging me to at least try to watch Battlestar Galactica.   So, I agreed to do this as long as he agreed to see CATS the next time it came to town. (Can you believe he has never seen it!!  The thought of people dressed as cats dancing and singing appealed to him as much as space creatures using lasers to kill each other appealed to me.) (Oh gee...Ray just told me they don't use lasers on Battlestar...that would be Star Wars...Battlestar just uses projectile weapons...guns and missiles....but on the OLD Battlestar they did use lasers.)  Of course, it all sounds alike the same thing to me...and I have diverted from my topic of Cy our Cylon.

I bought Ray the complete series of BG for Christmas a few years ago and accompanying it was this robot looking thing called a Cylon.  We picked the original name, Cy, for him and decided to take him with us on our honeymoon.  It was the beginning of travels with Cy.  Cy travels with us whenever we travel and poses for pictures in various places.  These pictures will show some of the places he has traveled.  When we are at home, Cy travels here too.  I will hide him...maybe peeking out of the shamrock plant,...when Ray finds him...he will hide the little robot and wait to see how long it takes me to find him.  It's just a fun thing we do.
This is Cy at Sedona, AZ (our honeymoon)
Cy pushing a rock at Sedona
Cy sitting on top of rock.
Cy enjoying sunset in New Mexico
Cy on the Pirate Ship in Clearwater, FL
Cy at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, FL
           This is Cy at our wedding reception which was at the Toledo Zoo.  We happened to get married on Talk Like a Pirate Day....thus the pirate theme.  Cy is watching from behind.

Cy hiding in rocks at Sedona, AZ
Cy at Roswell, NM

Cy at Dodge City, KS (He is under the N in Information)

A closer look at Cy.
Cy sitting on railing on cruise ship...Carnival Dream...and we made it back before the ship began having problems...very lucky!
We have had a few....well a lot...of strange looks as Cy is posing for his next picture...but as I said... it's just a fun thing for us to do.
One last look at Monticello.


  1. I like Cy, he is a well-traveled Cylon! Enjoyed your pictures.

  2. What a hilarious tradition. I might have to start a Cy-like tradition in our family. Hmmmm. The two of you sound like you have a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You are my new hero!! I have a Chewbacca who used to travel with me and get photos taken (I lost him, and need to get a replacement). I do still have a Stormtrooper in my purse, though. I write a weekly Star Wars themed post for my friend's site... The Fandom Post :)

  4. I LOVE IT! What a fun thing to friend and I have a similar idea, but now that she is in Africa, Ed has come to live with me.

    Happy travelings, Cy!

  5. What a fun thing to do! By the way, my nephew still thinks that I have not been properly educated as I have never seen Star Wars movies!

  6. That is too fun! Kind of like a perpetual Flat Stanley. I love the photos of Cy. He's very well traveled. Don't mind those looks from people, they are probably just jealous.

  7. Cy is very lucky to have friends like you and Ray.

  8. What fun to take Cy on your travels. I like the idea of hiding him around the house even better. What a fun tradition!

  9. A few years ago my co-worker took a small stuffed Hawk (or mascot) to the beach and the pictures were awesome! Your pictures of Cy reminded me! I love them! Makes me want to have my own friend to take on vacation!

  10. Love it! Cy has his share of fun.

    I'm glad you were able to talk Ray into seeing Cats --- one of my favorite musicals.


  11. Oh your sliced reminded me of a time my daughter went on an overseas student exchange. She took a little stuffed bird with her (an icon to NZ, a kiwi). She took photos of Kiwi in DC.