Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ary and Molly Combat Vets

My post today was going to be about taking our new kitties to the vet.  When we adopted them last month we made an appointment with our family vet to have them both examined and finish up on their shots.  I had my iPhone to take pictures that I would share on my post.

For those of you with cats, you know that getting them into their pet carriers can be somewhat of a challenge.  I had one cat that would attach himself to my shoulders like Velcro and required two people to peal him away and insert him into the door.  Cats can suddenly become like liquid...or holding a long water balloon...slipping and sliding as they fight to stay out of the carrier.  So, I was prepared that I might have some trouble with Ary and Molly.

Molly with Her Sweet Face
We have two hard cased with a door, and one soft cased with a zipper door.  I thought Ary would do best in the soft case.  He was a curmudgeonly type when we adopted him and I feared he might try to bite...but to my surprise, he slipped right in, let me zip the door and seemed content to watch us (Ray was helping) work at putting Molly (sweet little Molly) in the hard case.  She protested at bit...but what a relief when we realized that our fears were unwarranted.

Molly Claiming Her Seat

We get to the vet.  Molly was first to be examined.  She made herself small but patiently endured the prodding and poking...until her shot.  She gave one loud screech and hisses...ears back...looking like a lynx.  Just once, and then back to sweet Molly....and needed no encouragement to return to her carrier.

Ary was my biggest concern.  He is not a mean cat...but I think his first owner must have played rough with him because he likes to roll over showing his tummy...and if Ray reaches down to pet him...Ary will try to bite.  We are working on that behavior.  He does not have his ears back, or is just his way of being playful...but that is not going to be tolerated.  Anyway, I was concerned that he might try to bite the vet...and I know the vet and his vet techs have heard that often.
Ary Watching Deer

Ary melted into the vet tech's arms as she took him to get weighed.  I was so relieved.  He was being cooperative and loving.   She returned and put him on the table.  He seemed okay, but when Dr. Myers started the examination I heard a low growl.  Ary's ears were flat against his head and his eyes looked possessed.  Dr. Myers managed to get a good luck in Ary's mouth and ears before the screeching began.  Molly might have looked like a lynx...but Ary sounded like a bobcat being attacked.  Not just one continued as he fought any type of hold the tech and vet attempted.  He jumped into the carrier, fangs showing, tail whipping, guttural growls daring us to touch him.

Ary seemed to shape-shift into this before the
vet gave him his second shot. (

My heart was broken and racing at the same time.  I felt so bad that Ary was so frightened...but I was scared that he would attack someone.  I apologized for his behavior (I know that sounds so silly...but I wanted them to know that this was unusual for me.  I had never had a cat freak out like this.).  They called in the assistance of another vet tech and with screeching, yowling, hissing, and growling, Ary finally got his shot.
Ary is just yawning, but if he flattened his ears...this
is what he would have looked like at the vet's.

When we got home Ary and Molly acted as if nothing had happened.  Ary is still the loving Teddy Bear and Molly is the playful trickster.  All is well...almost.  I have eardrops to put in Ary's ears twice a day.  I have given pills or medicine to many cats, dogs and even horses....but the thoughts of putting eardrops into Ary's ears...well, I didn't look forward to it.  So this morning as I approached Ary, eardrops in my hand, I was prepared for a fight.  To my surprise he let me do one ear, then wanted to smell the bottle before I squeezed the next drops into his other ear.  Ah....Thank You, Ary!

I did not get any pictures at their visit to the vet's....but I will share a few more of these two kitties.  We are so glad they have joined our family.

Molly is ready to pounce on the laser beam.

I have such a sweet innocent face.....

Ary looking so peaceful

We had to move Ray's mother's shamrock
plant to the top of the well as
various other items that were on the organ,
mantle and bookcase.  We thought things
would be safe from Ary until we found new
space for them.

Ary did not want us to watch Real Time with Bill  Maher.

I am ready to chase that laser beam.


  1. I am so glad you got this to post. Ary and Molly are so precious!

    Going to the vet is always a treat. We, or I should say our Molly< just got an invitation from the vet to com in for her shots. Putting a cat in a carrier can be challenging. I remember K. C. I had to put on work gloves to keep my hands from being shredded. The vet's assistant had to wear glove to handle her while the vet gave her a shot. All cats seem to sleep on the ride home. Why is that?

    BTY...I did get both of your comments today. Thanks.

  2. You had quite an experience at the vet's. I'm glad both cats got their shots and are now safe and sound at home where they are quite well-behaved and know they are loved unconditionally.

  3. Who would believe the tale you tell from these sweet pictures. Hope you aren't needing to go back for quite a while. Poor kitties must have been traumatized in their previous life.

  4. I love how you compared Ary's yawning with the wild cat. I'm glad the vet trip was successful and that the ear drops are less of a battle than you anticipated.

  5. What an adventure. It sounds lie these two are keeping you busy. I loved the contrast in this line, "Molly might have looked like a lynx...but Ary sounded like a bobcat being attacked."

    Loiks like you are going strong in the challenge this month. Yay!