Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Whale's Message

Ary checking out the squirrels

Sitting at my desk this morning, Ary next to me looking out of the window at the squirrels chasing each other, my eyes are drawn to my deck of Animal Medicine Cards.  They seem to be asking me to pick a card for everyone today.   I have had this deck of small cards for over twenty years.  Each card represents an animal and has a message from that animal.  I know that no matter what card I choose, the message will be appropriate.  It is just another way to focus on some positive advice.

 I remember another post where Humming Bird had a message for everyone.  So today I shuffled the cards and picked one.  Whale chose to send us all a message today.  I love her message (I really love all of the messages).

Acknowledge your mission
Trust your path
Become your chosen destiny
Card from Medicine Cards, Just for Today
Jamie Sams and David Carson
Illustrated by Angela Werneke
Just like the Whale, majestically swimming the oceans, we each have our own paths.  Some may be obvious and easy to follow.  Others may be more discrete, difficult to acknowledge, scary to follow.  Some paths will have detours taking us on unexpected adventures.  Some detours will bring great sadness and despair while others will bring joy.  Whatever the detours...allow yourselves to experience the scenic trails and grow strong from them.
Thank you, Whale, for reminding me to trust my path.
I took this picture last year while in Alaska.  I got dorsal fins, and tale pictures
but no breaching.  Maybe next time.


  1. Those are interesting cards. I'm wondering what my mission is, but I know the path will be interesting.

  2. This is one wise whale. I think any path we take will be interesting and we will learn so much about the world around us as well as ourselves if we just jet ourselves be open to our surroundings.