Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Gift of Song

Rae wanted this quote used in her memorial.  We used it as the
first slide in a slide show of her life.
Sometimes things happen that make me wonder about the human race...what are we doing to ourselves, others and the environment.  But then I read a blog post of and act of kindness, or a funny incident, or dreams for the future...and I feel much better.

This will be short, because I hope those of you who read this will also take the time to listen to the video.  The video was made at my friend, Rae's Memorial in November.  She was loved by so many people and there was standing room only at the service.  She had given me instructions of how she want her memorial.  Some were difficult to follow...(Ray and I singing Amazing Grace and another friend, Stephanie singing Ava Maria)...but we did it.  The one thing I added to the service (it just felt like the best way to end it) was to have the Lutkin's Benediction sung.  For those of you who know this needs to be sung by a choir...not just a few people. 

So...I went to Facebook and asked for those who knew this song to please join us at the end of the service...we would meet at 3:30 to practice it one time.  I had no idea who would show up and if we would have enough singers.  I did send a message to a former student who I thought might help sing the bass part as I was concerned that would be the weak area.  Spenser said he would gladly come and he would ask some other guys voices to join if they could.  I asked him if I could pay them, and his reply was. "You and Ms. LeCompte and so many teachers did so much for us...this is our gift to you." 

So here it is...the Lutkin's Benediction, as sung at Rae LeCompte's Memorial service...directed by Stephanie Stephens...retired music teacher.  The video is not that good because the camera had been just is so pure and with only practicing it one time...such a gift by so many.
And I must not forget to mention the West Jefferson United Methodist Church Bell Choir played at the beginning of the service.  They were wonderful and had all been former students of Rae's, except for the director...and she had been a neighbor at the lake. 


  1. Jackie, this is just beautiful ..and after just one rehearsal. The fact that so many people responded to your Facebook requests speaks volumes about the kind of person Rae was and how she affected so many lives. She will live on in your heart, mind, and the stories you write about your journeys together.

    Jackie, I was not able to use the link you posted. I don't know if it is mu computer or if there is something wrong with the link.

  2. First I have to wipe the tears from my eyes to type this. How beautiful and what a testament to you and Rae. I don't know how you could sing it without breaking down. I'm sure there was not a dry eye in the church.
    I am going to link your post to your entry because this is too beautiful for those who have read Rae stories to miss.

  3. Thanks, Elsie...Rae was a special person to so many people. The song Ray and I sang, Amazing Grace...was sung to the tune of House of the Rising Sun...which I know sounds strange, but it is beautiful...and it was difficult for both of us...but we made it through.

  4. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute to your friend. I am sure this was hard for you to write. It sounds like you had a special relationship.