Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Louise Luppens: Matriarch of a Great Family

Louise Kauffmann Luppens

I do not need to wonder what topic to write about for my Slice of Life today.  What I need to be doing is finishing a slide show that I am creating for my friend Ann.  Their family had a huge celebration for her mother's 90th birthday this summer.  What made it unique was that all four siblings and their grandchildren...great- grandchildren...cousins...and friends travelled to the Grand Tetons National Park for this festivity. 

Jim, Sharon, Gary and Ann (Louis's children)

The Tetons hold a special place in the hearts of the Luppens family.  They travelled to the park where they had a favorite camping spot.  Their aunt, uncle and cousins from California would meet them and their time was spent hiking, fishing and swimming in the icy cold Jenny Lake.  What better place could they go to celebrate Louise's 90th birthday?  If my niece had not chosen that time to be married, I would have been celebrating with them....but I would NEVER miss Maggie's wedding, especially when she picked a date when I would not be travelling. (I was gone most of the summer...poor Maggie only had two dates when I would be available.  How thoughtful of her.  But that is from another blog post Wedding Theatre .  Check it out...a unique wedding and a funny little ring bearer.) 

Louis's 80th Birthday Celebration on Alaska Cruise
Back to Louise's 90th Birthday Celebration slide show....that is what I need to be doing right now.  Ray has a list of songs for it, but he can't do that until I finish arranging the pictures.  So, I will add a few of the pictures on this post to show you what a close and fun family this is.  How fortunate I was welcomed as part of it during my high school years...and so glad we continued our connection.

I love these wedding pictures of Max and Louise.  What a beautiful bride.

Louise and her sister Margaret
Love this one...looks like she is attending the Oscars.
Max and Louise

Ann, Sharon, Louise, Gary and Jim

Suzanne, Jim, Louise, Sharon, Gary(holding Daisy), Joanie and Ann

Louise, loved dogs...so I had to include
this one picture of her with kittens.
I have hundreds of pictures...so I better get to work. 


  1. Love the pictures. How lucky for the family that you are compiling the slides. I can't help but feel that picture will bring back memories that will need to be discussed.

    So glad you are back posting to SOL.

  2. You have such a talent for compiling pictures and tying a story to it. The family will love your slide show. What a beautiful lady who has aged gracefully.

  3. Great photos and a great challenge. I'm up for that as well, for a wedding of a friend's daughter. So cool to meet strangers via photos and videos.
    Love this process.