Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Classical Gas Museum

Yesterday I wrote about the glass dome that we purchased at The Classical Gas Museum in New Mexico.  Today I will tell you a little about this museum and the man who created it.  I hope that if you are ever in New Mexico and traveling from Santa Fe to Taos....take the low road...68...and near Embudo, NM you will find this unique museum.
We were traveling to Taos and the sign caught our eye.  Really, it was all of the antique gas pumps and shells of old cars that caught our eyes.  Why not stop and check it out.  We were greeted by Johnnie Meier...the man who collected all of these items and opened his collection of memorabilia to the public.  Johnnie Meier welcomed us and told us to look around....ask any questions...and if we saw something we'd like to buy...he could probably sell it...of course, not all items were for sale.

Johnnie Meier; Curator of Classical Gas Museum

Here's what we found out.  Johnnie Meier had retired from working as a scientist at Los Alamos, NM.  Now that is impressive!  He also did some technology work there.  He admits that he is a bit eccentric about his collection and looks at it as art...especially the old gas pumps.  They represent our culture and history.

He doesn't charge to go through his museum but there is a jar for donations for the local animal shelter.  Some of his items have been used in movies. "No Country for Old Men" and "Wild Hogs" are two of the movies.  Some of them have been in commercials too.

I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. 

This is a diner that Johnnie renovated and has operating.

Not sure what kind of vehicles these are, but I am sure some one could tell me.

I liked these lady bugs.

 These plastic toy dinosaurs were in this toy dump truck.

Another old car with old gas pumps. Ray just told me it is an old Edsel.

Part of the Museum

Inside the Classical Gas Museum

Anyone who is interested in antique cars, gas stations, history of travel...and really anything (because this place has it all)...don't miss stopping for a visit with Johnnie Meier at the Classical Gas Museum.  This is a place packed full of history and art.  Who knows what stories are waiting to be discovered.
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  1. Wow! What a slice of America. I'll just bet that Mr. Meier has lots of stories to tell.The old gas pumps caught my eye. There are a few closed and run down gas stations around here that still have pumps like these standing. I bet you could spend lots of time walking around and looking at all of these pieces of history.

  2. These unexpected stops lead to the most fun discoveries. What a fun place to explore!

  3. There's another reason to visit New Mexico. I love the old cars. My grandma had an old Edsel in her yard that we used to play in all the time. We made up some great traveling stories in that car. I'd love to see another one.