Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Waning Winter

I know that those of us living where the winter was brutal feel that winter is refusing to quietly allow spring to begin her performance.  Yesterday I even got out my earmuffs again to wear while doing some errands.  It is the end of March and soon spring will take her place.  But before she are a few pictures I have taken of what I will miss about the winter.  Each season has its beauty.

A Squirrel Eating a Peanut Perched on a Tree Limb

A Swan in Swan Creek
Blue Jay Waiting for a Peanut

A Grackle Waiting His Turn

Shades of Green and White
Half Rack...from Last Winter

Looking from a Covered Bridge
Tufted Titmouse

Taken on a Winter's Walk

Last Year's First Flowers...It Won't Be Long

Yes, every season has its own beauty....and I am ready for the beauty of Spring.


  1. Stunning photography! You have captured the beauty of winter despite your despair of it lingering too long. Lovely.

  2. What great pictures of birds, animals, and surrounding areas! The beauty does not go away, I just get tired of the view and long for the warmth and colors of any other season.

  3. I love that you acknowledge that each season has its own beauty. The half-racked deer sure is a rare sight. The white swan on a pond was breath taking

  4. Great pictures. You are right. Every season does have its own beauty. One of my favorite scenes is sun shining in ice covered tree limbs after an ice storm. Looks like sparkling diamonds.

    Commenting from on a train headed from New York to Harrisburg. (Tomorrow's post.) So glad Amtrak has WiFi connection on its trains.

  5. I have to admit that I love winter--pictures that is. I don't live in a place that has winter any longer, but I can still appreciate the beauty of it. This is a perfect photo album to remind me that much of winter is joyful. Fantastic images!

  6. What fantastic moments you've captured! Love the polka dots on the Grackle and the squirrel's fuzzy red belly. I was just listening to the Titmice in my mom's trees this afternoons--such playful birds those are.

  7. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Your photos are so wonderful. What a beautiful world we live in.