Monday, March 21, 2016

A Gentle Nudge

Ruth and Willie
March 15th was my last post.  I had gotten ill and was unable to keep the March challenge for the Slice of Life.  Each day I tell myself to write a post, to finish the month.  But my energy level was so low, my eyes were burning and watering and the writing did not happen.  Yesterday I received an email from my cousin, Ruth.  Ruth has written a few posts for the Family Trove. The Voyage , The Organ Tuner Man , Footprints in the Snow. She and my mother were first cousins and grew up in the same town. 

Here is what Ruth wrote: 

Dear Jackie and Ray,
         Okay you guys, where are you?  I know you loved your Flower Power Cruise, day l,2,3,4, but what happened from the fifth day on? 
I'm thinking maybe you joined the Buckinghams, or maybe Cy got locked in one of the restrooms on the ship and you're having trouble finding a lock smith.  It isn't likely, but maybe the ship ran out of gas and people are taking turns rowing to shore at Key West.   
I really, really enjoyed the pictures you sent and I can see why you made reservations for 2017.  Looks like everyone was having a fun time on the cruise. 
I'm hoping to hear from you guys letting me know you are home and all is well.
Ruth and ^..^
What a gentle way of urging me to get back to the computer and finish what I have started.  It doesn't matter that I have not completed a post a matters if I finish.  So, Thank You, Ruth.  I will take the time to finish a post every day.  You know how special you are to all of us.  Your quick wit keeps us entertained either through email or when we get to visit.  When I see pictures of you, I also see my mother, Maxine.  You both look so much alike.  It must be those Swedish genes.  Great hair...not much grey.  Here are two pictures of how much you and Maxine look alike.
Ruth, like Maxine, likes to have a Hershey's
snack each evening.
This is Maxine at age 87.  She never colored her hair.  Same
with Ruth.  Don't they look alike!
 Mother told me that when Ruth was born, she was a little jealous.  Ruth was such a pretty baby, everyone was giving her all the attention, and poor Maxine felt left out.  Of course, that was short lived, because Ruth was such a sweet little girl, Maxine fell in love with her, too.

No wonder Maxine was jealous at first...
what a pretty baby Ruth was.

Two more pictures of Ruth and Willie




  1. Jackie, so glad you are back to finish the month. I know haw hard it is to get started when you are not feeling 100%. Love the pictures. Willie seems so laid back. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Thank you Ruth! Glad you are back Jackie. Yes, Ruth and your mother do look a lot alike. Her note to you was quite funny. I can see why it spurred you into action.

  3. What a great story about a little nudge. Ruth is a great spark! Hope you are better soon!

  4. Ruth does remind me of your mother. How sweet of her to get in touch with you and check in to see how you were. I didn't realize you had been sick. I'm struggling to keep up this year, and really am missing getting around to comment the way I have in the past. Your cruise looked amazing --- and I'm glad you are feeling better. I also needed to read this, "it's more important that finish." I need to remind myself of this every day right now. I need to finish what I started....even if the writing isn't what I want it to be...even if I don't feel I have the time to invest. Thanks for the words of wisdom.