Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mid-Way Meeting

The three of us
When I moved from Columbus to Toledo I wondered if I would lose contact with the many friends I made in my 40 plus years in Columbus.  That is one reason I like Facebook.  I have been able to keep up with so many people, seeing family pictures, reading about what is going on in their lives.  But Facebook doesn't fulfill meeting friends and spending an afternoon chatting.  That is what a few of my friends and I try to do a few times a year. 

Two friends, Bambi and Pottsy and I meet a number of times a year at Henry's restaurant in Kenton, OH.  That is about halfway from my house and theirs.  Yesterday, was one of those times.  We like to meet there because the place is big enough to where we don't feel crowded.  We always sit in one of their big booths...the kind that at least three people can sit on each side.  There is always something to celebrate like birthdays and Christmas.  Yesterday was my lucky day.  To my surprise, I was greeted with two gift bags as belated birthday gifts.  It seems most of our meetings celebrate a belated birthday because we never meet close to any of our birthdays.
Thanks, Henry's for being a great place for our mid-way meetings.

There are always specials, but we are not too adventurous and usually
get some sort of hamburger...and I get the onion rings.  Yummy!

Our server, Joanie, has been there many times and knows that we will be staying most of the afternoon.  She keeps our water glasses and soda filled and allows us time to chat without being hovering.  She is a great server and we appreciate her.  In fact, everyone we have had there has been accommodating and friendly.

We have two small traditions we make sure to follow.  One is, someone always brings a few lottery cards. There is always a lottery card tucked in the gift packages....but everyone likes a chance to win so there are always a few lottery cards for everyone.  At that time there are a few moments of quiet as we scratch the cards to discover we have won a dollar...or maybe five.  Until our last meeting, Bambi had never won anything, but last time she had a lucky five dollar winning card!  Yesterday I was the big winner.  I won $50!!!   It just occurred to me that I should have offered to pay the tab for all.  Hmmmm, sorry, Bambi and time I will.

Bambi and Pottsy scratching off the lottery tickets.
The other tradition is that we each pick three Animal Medicine Cards.  This is from the deck of cards where each card has a picture of an animal with a short message.  The messages are always good advice for anyone to follow.  I started this tradition many years ago at our school district.  It was a fun way to take a break from the stress and check to see what your message was.  We decided to begin each year by each of us picking three cards.  We made copies of these and hung them near our desks as reminders to begin each day with a positive smile.

Bambi and Pottsy checking out the Animal Cards

An example of the advice given on an Animal Card is this.  The Fox says:  Blend in.  Avoid being the center of attention.  Become protective when needed
These were the cards Pottsy picked.
I am so glad that we have kept meeting for lunch at Henry's.  It would be much easier to let the time slip away and suddenly realizing that years have passed.  Thank, Bambi and Pottsy for taking time to meet.  I so enjoy our chatting that ranges from families, vacations and friends.  We support each other in times of loss or stress.  We spend most of the time laughing.  What a wonderful time.


  1. Oh Jackie, this is a beautiful example of a simple time together but truly priceless! My favorite line: 'We spend most of our time laughing.' I love that!

  2. Sounds like a great afternoon with girlfriends! Since moving from Chicago to New Mexico I miss my friends terribly! But phone calls, text messaging and a few trips back a year keep us connected! Congrats on the winning ticket!

  3. What a lucky day for you! Staying connected to friends beyond Facebook is the best! You are lucky that you live close enough that you can get together and celebrate.

  4. It is so easy to lose friends because of distance and life in general. So glad you have found the time to get together. Traditions make the get togethers that much more meaningful.