Friday, March 4, 2016

Flower Power Cruise: Day Four

The problem with trying to write blog posts while on the Flower Power Cruise is that there is not time to write because there are so many events to attend.  That is really not a problem, though, is it?  We have had so much fun that we have signed up to go on the Flower Power Cruise 2017. 

                                 The Buckinghams

This seemed to be the table where the Buckinghams liked to have breakfast.
Day four was busy with two Q&A sessions, a TV Guide presentation of Then and Now, Wine Tasting with Micky Dolenz and Gary Puckett, and an awesome concert by The Guess Who.  There was a Psychedelic '60s Dance Party at 11:00 in the evening.  I wanted to get some pictures of it, but there was a fog machine doing its thing and so all of the pictures are like looking through a purple haze.  I did not stay long because we have a busy day in Key West tomorrow.

Mark Lindsay, two members from the Family Stone and Gary Puckett Q&A session

Q&A Session with Felix Cavaliere and members of the Guess Who and The Grass Roots

The Question and Answer sessions were fun.  We tried to get there early enough to get a decent seat.  These were quite popular and filled up quickly.  We learned a lot of interesting trivia about the guests.  Mark Lindsay told about living in the house where the Manson Murders took place.  He had moved from there a short time before the horrible murders.  He said that once, when friends of friends were visiting he noticed a strange man sitting in front of the refrigerator.  Mark Lindsay asked someone who this man was and the answer was, "Oh that's Charlie, he's okay."  Of course, Charlie was not okay.  It sounded like it really gave Mark Lindsay the creeps knowing he had met Manson and also that if he (Lindsay) had not moved, he might have been at the house when the Manson Family killed Sharon Tate and four other people.

                 More pictures from the Q&A sessions

Mark Lindsay

Gary Puckett

Gary Puckett was singing at the same venue as Red Foxx.  Puckett approached Foxx after the show and said something like, "Thanks, loads for making fun of my name."  Red Foxx replied, "It's better than having Don Rickles call you a hockey puck.

Ray and I like to go to the wine tastings on a cruise.  This cruise had special guests join us:  Micky Dolenz and Gary Puckett.  Gary Pucket brought a pretty woman with him, but we never found out if she was his wife or girlfriend.  Here are a few pictures of the wine tasting.

Gary Puckett at Wine Tasting

Micky Dolenz at Wine Tasting
Ray and I at the wine tasting wearing our John Lennon hats.

Or course, we brought Cy along for the wine tasting.

Cy is relaxing at the wine tasting.

Cy joins us at the wine tasting.

After dinner we headed to the theater for The Guess Who concert.  I have already said that it was awesome.  People were dancing in the aisles and, of course, singing along.  The pictures will tell the rest of the story.

                                                        The Guess Who

Day Five will be spent at Key West, and then packing everything for departure.  It has been so much fun and still one more day to go!


  1. My husband and I would love this! I said out loud a few of the people that were on your cruise, and he immediately said, "Are they on the Flower Power Cruise?!" Haha! Have fun, and thanks for sharing! I need to figure out how to add photos like you have!

  2. This sounds awesome! I didn't even know this cruise existed. I hope you continue to have a great time!

  3. What fun for you and Ray! Mark Lindsay was one of my crushes when I was in high school. I still have Gary Puckett albums. Love all the pictures!

  4. The cruise sounds full of fun events. I might even talk my husband info going on that kind of cruise.

  5. What an amazing time you are having! That food, wine, and entertainment looks like a blast!

  6. Looks like such fun! Enjoy Key West! Great place to see and experience!