Sunday, March 6, 2016

Our Friend's Florida Oasis

Here I am with Twink and Charlotte

How fortunate we are that our friends welcomed us to their home in Florida after our awesome Flower Power Cruise.  We took a shuttle to their house and dragged our tired bodies and dirty laundry into their place to the scent of a home cooked meal.  We can't thank them enough for their hospitality.  They not only let us park our van at their place while we were cruising, but Charlotte gave up her master bedroom for us. 

Charlotte in Her Kitchen
 While reading posts yesterday, the one from Pelicansandprose talks about the importance of friendship, about how friendships can lengthen life and especially lead to happier lives.  One can be in the best of health and financially secure, but if she has no friends then there is an emptiness, and that can effect quality of life.

Twink on the Lanai.  This is where she grilled pork tenderloin for us
when we stopped to leave our van while we went on the cruise.

So...again, I consider myself most fortunate for the friendships I have gained throughout my life.  Today I thank Charlotte and Twink for opening their place for us.  We were able to clean our clothes and just chill out in their comfortable abode.  Charlotte makes the best chip dip for snacking. She prepared a roast, mashed potatoes, steamed cauliflower, noodles, salad....and later some home made strawberry shortcake.  I know people rave about the food on cruises....but for us, this good old mid-western meal, cooked with love was perfect. 

We spent the evening talking and laughing.  They gave me time to write my blog so that I would not miss a day. Twink has two sweet kitties.  Lady is shy and wary (she was a feral cat) but warmed up to me enough that she allowed me to pet her.  Romeo has the perfect name.  He seems to know that he is quite handsome as he sits regally posing for me to take his picture.  How wonderful to get some more kitty energy.

At first this was all that Lady would let me see of her.

Lady finally appeared from beneath the bed and allowed Ray
to take this picture.  She soon let us pet her and would sit on
the couch next to Charlotte.

Romeo is quite the laid back cat.

Romeo, oh Romeo!

Ray has the van packed (almost) and soon we will be heading to Savanah, GA. 

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