Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Flower Power Cruise: Day One

Today was our first day on the Flower Power Cruise....and I am really short on time!  That must be a good thing!  Since I won't have much time this week, my blog entries will be mostly pictures.  The bad thing about that is....I can't find my small point and shoot camera that I have had for years.  It still has a view finder (which I like) so I won't buy a new one until this little camera dies.

 I took pictures of us leaving Port Ft. Lauderdale, Florida from our deck with that little camera.  Ray was sitting with his back to the camera and there were two glasses of champagne on a small table.   I took a video with that little camera as we cruised past Miami.  It was my way of documenting the beginning of out adventure.

But you will not see those pictures because the camera has disappeared.  I know it will show up later in some strange place.  For the rest of the day I used my iPhone for pictures.  The problem there is that I am almost out of space so I have to be careful to not take too many similar pictures.  I might break down and use the SLR even though I can not slip it in my pocket.  I like the pictures I take with the SLR, but I can't be as spontaneous with it and it often gets in the way.

Enough of my camera dilemma!  Here are some pictures from today!

Ray is modeling the Flower Power Jacket that was waiting for us in our cabin.

I think my little old camera would have taken a better picture here, but
Ray thinks it really wouldn't matter. But he did admit that my point and
shoot would be able to zoom in.  We have had a ten minute discussion
about this, but I won't continue. 

People had eaten a lot of the cake before I could get a picture.

Carved Watermelon 

Peace and Love

Flower Power

Well, that is about it.  I hope to get a better variety of pictures for tomorrow.


  1. Looks like it's going to be a great time!

  2. What fun you will have! I hope the camera has shown up by now. If not, you are doing great with the phone.

  3. What great pictures. I am sure you and Ray will have a great time. Enjoy.

  4. What great pictures. I am sure you and Ray will have a great time. Enjoy.

  5. Looks like a blast! Enjoy your trip..bet it will provide many writing ideas!

  6. Such fun!!! Enjoy! (and hope that camera turns up soon)