Tuesday, March 15, 2016


This will be short.  I am so disappointed in myself, but not enough to be miserable. (I have failed to write each day in March.)  After a wonderful week on the Flower Power Cruise, and then visiting our friends, Charlotte and Twink, and then driving to Washington, D.C. for a few days.  We met some friends, Cathie and Mark, went to the zoo...which I hope to write about later.  We were also going to meet Ray's daughter, Valerie.  She had just returned from a trip to Mexico to visit where the Monarch Butterflies migrate.  Poor Valerie had caught a terrible cold on her return, and was just feeling well enough to meet us (with her boyfriend, Al, and a number of other friends) at the final trivia tournament. 

The sad part....I felt my throat getting scratchy while we were at the zoo and chose to ignore it.  When we got back to National Harbor where we were staying, I was not feeling 100%.  Mark and Cathie went for a walk by the harbor and returned with yummy pizzas and salad.   Shortly after our feast I began to feel a cold creeping around me waiting to take hold. 

I chose to go to bed early.  The next morning I felt worse.  No way was I going to be able to take the Metro to the Mall and visit some of the Smithsonian Museums.   I holed up in our room so as not to contaminate Cathy, Mark and Ray.  Fortunately, Cathy and Mark are adventurous and headed out to explore.  Ray decided to stay with me.  I felt no better after a long nap and decided it would be best to miss the trivia tournament and dinner with Valerie and Al.  After Cathy, Mark and Ray left for the evening, I crawled back in bed and hoped the rest would fight off the cold.

Saturday, we drove home.  Well, Ray drove and I sat, sneezing and coughing.  It is about a 7-8 hour drive and when we got home, I went straight to bed.  The poor kitties wondered why I did not stop to play with them, but they were kind enough to join me in a nap.  Sunday I stayed in bed most of the day and the same with yesterday. My eyes are burning and watering and the wastebasket if filled with tissue.  Coughing has drained what little energy I have. I wrote nothing for the blog, even though I have a number of topics.  My energy has about been spent for now, so I will stop and hope that tomorrow I will perk up a bit. 


  1. What a miserable way to end your trip! At least you didn't come down with this on the boat. Rest and get well. Writing can wait.

  2. Hope soon you will be well. Poor kitties. They just don't understand. Mine kept wanting to sit on my lap which caused them to press against one of my incisions. They couldn't understand when I had to shoo them. Get well soon.

  3. There's nothing worse than getting sick on vacation! Hope you are feeling better soon!