Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Swinging Time!

This one of the orangutans moving from one
tower to another.
Yesterday I wrote about my camera dilemma while trying to take videos of the Andean bear cubs at the National Zoo.  Today I will share some pictures of the orangutans.  The National Zoo has a unique habitat/exhibit for the orangutans.  They call it "The O Line" which is a system of cables suspended 50 feet high from eight towers.  The orangutans are able to climb up and down the two end towers.  They can travel from the Great Ape House to the Think Tank, a total of about 490 feet.  Here is a link that explains it in more detail.  The O Line

I took a number of videos and pictures of the orangutans but am unable to upload the videos, so here is a YouTube made by Bob Kovacs. It is great and shows the orangutans traveling along The O Line. Orangutans on the O Line  It is well worth watching and was taken on a sunny day, so the colors are better.

Here are some more pictures.  I could have watched the orangutans all day....well, after watching the playful Andean bear cubs.  Hmmmmm....can not say which I liked best.

Finally made it to the end!  Now for a rest.
Thanks, Ray, for giving me another title for this blog.  You are the best!




Orangutans on the O Line


  1. How cool! What a great photo challenge ;)
    Bonnie K.

  2. Animals are so fun to watch when they are playing!

  3. Animals are so uninhibited in their play. It is always fascinating to watch them.

  4. Jackie,
    I love visiting the zoo. If I lived close enough to one, I'd walk over every day just to see what the animals were doing. It seems the orangutans provided plenty of entertainment.