Friday, March 28, 2014

Andy the Alligator

This small alligator watched from a distance. 
It had a leaf on its face.
While visiting Rae in Florida for Thanksgiving, we also were treated to tickets for Disney World from a friend of hers that used to be one of the Mickey and Minnie characters.  We stayed at our friend, Charlotte's house because she lives closer to Disney World.  She also lives on a canal with all sorts of wildlife. 

First thing in the morning I was sitting on the porch with my camera ready to get some good turtle, bird and maybe an alligator pictures.  Rae is reading and drinking coffee.  I am reading and checking the canal between paragraphs.  At times Rae would say, "There goes an alligator, Jackie," and I would grab my camera and begin snapping.  None of the pictures looked good.  Alligators look like floating logs unless you can get close enough or have a good zoom lens. 

"If you want a closer look, call for Andy," she said.  Charlotte's neighbor had named one of the alligators that patrolled that part of the canal...and it would often swim over (with the promise of a treat).  I know it is illegal to feed the alligators...I really know that.  So, I put on my self righteous face and refused.  It is just wrong!
This turtle had no fear of Andy.

This turtle left when Andy arrived.


A few minutes later I heard someone yelling, "AAANNDDY...AANNDY!"  It was Charlotte's neighbor, "Joe".  I stepped outside to the deck, camera in hand.  This was so wrong...but...oh my...look!  Two little bumps in the water were getting closer and larger...soon they became eyes and soon an alligator's form emerged from the water...tail slowly waving in the water, guiding it toward the deck.  By this time "Joe" was on the deck next to me.  "Heard you wanted a picture of Andy," he said.  He had a string with a piece of chicken tied to it.


Snap, Snap, what if it is illegal...these are great shots!  By this time, Ray, Rae and Charlotte had joined us.  Ray had his camera and we both snapped and took a few videos, too.  There was a bag of marshmallows on the table.  I threw a few out for Andy.  Any guilt I felt was overshadowed by my selfish desire to get some good pictures.  Oh...look...a turtle is joining Andy!  Snap, Snap, Snap! 

Andy is ready for his treat.

I have scattered a few pictures of Andy and the turtle throughout this post.  I decided to write this because it was another example of someone naming a wild animal....and yes, Andy is a wild animal.  My guilt has now returned...that was just not right...but I wonder...would I do it again....and I justify it by comparing it to feeding my squirrels and birds. 

Here is a short video of Andy.


  1. These are amazing pictures. I don't know that I would feel comfortable having an alligator for a neighbor. As I read our post the "It's really a small world" phrase popped into my head. Kathy and I were in Disney World the week before Thanksgiving.

    The guitar in yesterday's picture belongs to Kathy although she hasn't picked it up in years.

  2. I didn't know it was illegal to feed alligators. Of course I would really try to avoid them too. What fabulous shots! I can't believe that this gator came when called. Amazing wildlife!

  3. I know this wasn't the point of your Slice, but I am still hung up on, "a friend of hers that used to be one of the Mickey and Minnie characters" Both! Wow.

    1. Ah, Kristi. I did not even think about the Mickey and Minnie. Our friend got a job at Disney World and worked her way up to play Mickey and Minnie. You have to be lest than five feet tall...I think...or maybe 5'2". I guess that could be a whole new post.

  4. I can understand your angst at feeding the alligator to get some good pictures, but WOW! They are amazing!

  5. Well the shots are amazing, I'll give you that! We do not get things like this here in Chicago, that's for sure! I was thinking Andy was a Toy Story reference when you mentioned the Mickey character friend. This was surprising and fascinating. I had to show my husband, the wildlife lover!

  6. Those are great shots but I understand your conflict too. We can't help be fascinated by wildlife - we just never get to see it up close. There is something beautiful and intriguing about it - thanks for sharing those beautiful pics!

  7. Jackie, you'd better be careful! That nasty man that called you anti-Christian might report you for feeding the gators! Seriously though, these pictures are amazing!