Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Rant

I was going to write a post about my little nephew, Jackson, until I read one of the comments on my post from yesterday.  Jackson, I will write about you tomorrow, but right now I have to voice some dismay.

The first comment I read on my post was from someone (I will not write his name) who felt I needed a lesson in the Bible.  There were quotes from the Bible identified with chapter and verse...I guess assuming that I would not recognize or know where these quotes were from.  The words "Unsaved Believer" were like a mantra throughout his whole message.  He asked me to follow his blog but, instead, I chose to delete his offensive comment.

I don't find it offensive that his faith appears to be deep or that he appears to be a Christian.  The offense was that his blog must have flags out that will automatically send this generic comment to any blog post that differs with what he considers being a Christian.  Probably the name Cuyamungue Institute tripped that flag.  This is so sad, and I was just going to overlook it, but I felt that this person trespassed on my blog and without reading the post or reading what Cuyamungue Institute is, felt that he had the right to assume that my lifestyle was one of a nonbeliever....and in need of being saved.

Maybe I am assuming too much, but I usually don't get so riled about this.  I don't mind if anyone wants to disagree and have a discussion about differences...but this was just a lazy way of him telling me that his way...his beliefs were the only way.  Grrrr.... 

I was so relieved when I realized that he was not a member of the Slice of Life.   I have felt that all the comments I have received have been supportive and positive.  I hope mine have been too.  I believe that this was a type of spam...but this guy has a blog (which I did check) and calls himself an evangelist. 

As I write this my anger comes and goes...but is growing again.  Part of me feels I need to state that my values probably come from my Methodist background and a family that was extremely active in church.  But then I think....why does that matter?   I try my best to be a decent person.  I don't believe in war.  I believe in sharing what I have with those in need.  (The Quaker part of the family comes out a lot too)  I believe service to others is more important than collecting wealth.  None of this has to do with whether I am a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Pagan, Agnostic, Atheist or any other religion or non-religion. 

And to this man who felt entitled to assume I need to follow his religion, because I happen to be part of  an institution like Cuyamungue....maybe you need to read a little about it and then we could discuss it.  We have people from all walks of life who participate...we are not a religion, but those who have a strong faith (in whatever religion) often find that the method strengthens their beliefs.  I use this method to get in touch with my inner untangle all those zero in on what my inner self knows is right for me.

Enough said...I could rant forever.  I hate that I had to do this so near the end of a wonderful month of reading the posts of so many talented and interesting writers.  But...this is called the Slice of Life...and this happened to be a slice that was simmering on the back burner where I put it...not allowing me to ignore here it is.  And then maybe.....he was concerned that my post mentioned casinos...... (beginning of another rant....stop...let it be.)   Counting to 10....taking deep breaths....counting....breathing....publish.


  1. Yikes - I just delete those - it's the dark and sad side of being "out there" in cyberspace. MOST OF US REALLY CARE about each other and keeping this community safe and supportive. GLAD you were able to count and hope the ranting helped a wee bit! Hang in there....

  2. You had to get that out. I hope being able to do that has given you some inner peace. Very upsetting that your experience with the Slice of Life Challenge has been tainted.

  3. You have reason to "rant". It amazes me how some people make judgments and jump to conclusions without knowing/having facts. Righteous anger is always justified...I seem to remember a clearing of the temple. Sorry to hear that this insensitive individual ruined your day.
    It is easy to hit the delete button on the computer but sometimes harder to hit the one in our head. I know that you will dwell on the positive and not the negative.

  4. That would have had me on a rant as well. It was probably a good thing you didn't go to his blog it may have been a trap for a virus for your blog, or it could be a trap to be sucked into his stupidity. LOL I've been slicing for five years and have only ever had one negative comment from a slicer, but then she later apologized. I guess we all have bad days. Keep slicing and keep smiling to dufusses are few and far between.

  5. Here's the hardest thing Jackie, at least for me, - pray for him… Pray that he sees love in people as you do. Pray that he loves his faith as you do. And pray that he chooses love and not ignorance. Then let it go. Your blog has made me laugh and remember so much - so please keep writing and know you have a gift to give. Continue your awesome blog!

  6. I feel for is so hard to get comments, especially when you are putting yourself out there, that are harsh. Ugh! I appreciate that you were able to take this and produce an excellent rant though! I wish I was able to do that! Keep writing....this is for you, not anyone else. If I have learned anything this month of slicing, it is that writing is personal and it is for me....

  7. How annoying that a spam got through! They are so annoying. You do good work, stay with it Jackie.

  8. Thanks for the well-deserved rant, Jackie. And thanks for your inspirational writing this month. It has been nice to geth to know you! I hope to keep seeing you on Tuesdays.

  9. Jackie,
    You have every reason to rant. This event is such a positive event for everyone. The comments are always uplifting and positive. Too bad the spammer made it through, but thankfully you have that wonderful DELETE button. Of course, I love that you even rant with a bit of humor. I had to laugh when you were taking deep breaths at the end to keep from ranting some more. Shame on him!