Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Chicago: First Day

We are in Chicago.  We have been here a number of times, but usually visiting my sister.  This time we are staying right down town overlooking the river.  Most of the next couple of days will be pictures of our time here because I won't have much time to write...plus, I want to have time to read and make comments on other blogs.   Here are a few from yesterday.  Today is a much sunnier day with a beautiful blue sky...so hope we can get some good pictures.

View from our bedroom window.

From our bedroom the other direction...the Wrigley Building with clock

Same view but at dusk.

We did not do anything special today, but spent our time walking and enjoying the beautiful weather.  I did take a very few pictures.  This store window is one my mother, Maxine would have liked.  The reflection shows the blue sky.  There were lots of people walking but they all stopped to let me take the picture.  How nice!

Two views of the famous Water Tower...one of the few surviving structures from the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.  They say people used the Water Tower as a landmark to find the remains of their burned homes.


Below are pictures from the ballroom of our hotel, Wyndham Grand.



  1. Beautiful pictures! I love Chicago . . . Have you had a Chicago style hotdog? Yummy!! I would also highly recommend taking the Chicago Planet walking tour. Worth it . . . and you can pick up a Chicago dog along the way if you take the Wicker Park option. http://www.chicagofoodplanet.com/

  2. Great pictures! Have a great visit--Chicago has so many wonderful things to do (and eat!)

  3. Great photos. I love the ones of the river view. I live in the city and love looking at the views. Chicago is a beautiful city.

  4. These pictures are great! I have never been to Chicago. My wife would love to see all of those sewing machines. Hope you have a great time.

  5. Looks like the first day was a good start. I always enjoy visiting Chicago - architecture and sights are amazing. Michelle & I had planned a trip downtown with the girls after Christmas, but the weather turned really cold. Maybe spring break. Enjoy your visit.

  6. These are beautiful! I love Chicago and was hoping to go back this summer - not sure we will now. However, I love that you shared them! Thanks Jackie!

  7. Beautiful photos! So glad you were able to enjoy our warmest day this year (I think!).