Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gettiing Squirrelly

Yesterday I wrote about Pet Names and listed a number of names of my many pets...past and present.  That post was really a lot longer because I began writing each pet's story and then started in on some of the wild animals that visit us.  So today, I think I will just focus on a couple of the squirrels that visit us everyday.

We have MANY squirrels living in our trees.  I love watching them as they swing from branch to branch reminding me of monkeys.  In the spring the young ones play chasing games, spiraling up trees, and changing directions with the chaser now being chased.  They always bring a smile to my face.

This winter was a rough one for all of us...the Weather Channel named my city, Toledo, as number one in cities with the worst winter.  Every morning as I put out peanuts and seeds for the squirrels and birds I worried that some may not survive.  They seemed to appreciate the heated bird bath and I intend to get another one next year.  It was a joy to see the animals braving the bitter cold days to partake in the food.

Wyatt hiding a peanut

Throughout this time, two squirrels received names.  One we call Estee which started as 'Short Tail'...ST for short...and then evolved to the name Estee.  I think that the tail must have been frostbitten...just the tip.  It was hanging off for a few days and must have fallen off.  Estee is doing fine, tail just a bit short but seems to not hurt any activity.
The other squirrel we call Wyatt because he/she is 'brave, courageous and bold'.  Little Wyatt will continue to nibble on the peanuts and supervise me while I am outside filling the bird feeders and filling the birdbaths.  (And I must not forget feeding Monk, the stray cat.)   For those of you who are not familiar with the 'brave, courageous and bold' quote...check out this You Tube of the song.  If you are familiar...check it out anyway and take a short trip down memory lane.  Wyatt Earp Theme Song 1958 .

Wyatt watching me

Wyatt eating a peanut
The calendar says it is spring...the temperature dares to challenge...but this morning the squirrels were out...doing their acrobatic show for me...and there was Wyatt...supervising the whole event.  Here is a short video of Wyatt eating a peanut. 


  1. Jackie,
    That was fun. I love that you have named even your squirrels. This heated bird bath sounds like an interesting purchase. I may have to check that out.

    We didn't have squirrels out here for a very long time. However, last year we spotted our first one and he/she seems to still be running around our field even after the cold cold winter. A squirrel spotting isn't a common site for us so we are entertained when s/he races across the yard. It is much more likely we will see deer, rabbits, or even a coyote.


  2. Your story made me thing of our house in Pottsville, where we lived before we moved here. We would throw some birdseed just on the porch and then watch the parade and pecking order of who would come to eat. First came the squirrels choosing what they wanted from the mix. Next cane the birds getting their fill. We also had a feeder for the birds. Lastly came the chipmunks. They would finish up whatever was left. We never named the animals because we lived on a busy street and not all little wildlife made safely across.

    I used to love watching Wyatt Earp as a child and I did know the theme song. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I miss the catchy theme songs TV shows had.

  3. The naming of animals is so funny, but heart warming that you care enough for them. If only they knew what you went through to help them. Our subdivision used to be a field, so there were no trees here, therefore, no squirrels. There are squirrels across a nearby road, I hope they stay there, even though they are amusing to watch.

  4. We used to have tons of squirrels in our yard growing up, but my dad didn't like them. They would eat all of our pecans from our pecan tree even before they were ripe.
    Glad you are there to help give them some food in this long, cold winter!

  5. I have really enjoyed looking through your window with you this month and finding out who is looking back. While I am thrilled to live in California, I've really enjoyed your winter! What a perfect photo journal. I hope to continue to visit often when this challenge is over--if I ever catch up with everything I put off so that I could be involved!

  6. Your pictures are all so great. I love your love of animals.