Thursday, March 13, 2014

Three Kosharis Eating Watermelon in a Tree

Three Kosharis Eating Watermelon
in a Tree.  Displayed in front of
a drum made by a friend.
While thinking about a topic for today's post, my eyes looked up to see the Koshari Kachina looking at me from the top of my desk.  In fact, there are three, sitting in a tree, eating watermelon.  Some of you may not know what a Kashari is.
A Koshari is the name of a clown seen at pueblo festivals and dances.  The pueblo tribes have dances as a way to keep harmony with nature.  Each dance tells a story.  I won't go into any more detail about these dances because there are many kinds and a short explanation can be found here......Pueblo Ceremonies and Dances
At these dances Kosharis will act out...often on the edge inappropriate behavior.  They are loud and will poke fun at any unsuspecting mark....maybe following someone making comments or mimicking  that person...of course, all in fun.   An example would be someone who tends to be snooty or arrogant might be followed by a strutting Koshari holding his nose in the air.
The other Koshari my mother gave me
 Shirley Nelson-artist
Kosharis are often seen eating watermelons...making a mess...being loud and mimicking spectators.  They paint themselves in black and white it is impossible to miss them. If you don't see any...beware...look behind to see if one is lurking nearby.
A. Francis- artist
My mother asked me what I wanted for Christmas a number of years ago.  I always gave a list with some things very simple... like note a bit out of the a Jaguar....and then lots of things in the of those was a Koshari Kachina.  Maxine got on Ebay and found these for me.  What a surprise.  I will treasure them forever.


  1. I admit that I was not familiar with the Koshari Kachina. Thanks for enlightening me. I know quite a few people whould be offended by being followed by wan. What a shame they can't poke fun at themselves (and I mean the people I know).

  2. For some reason, I don't think that I have ever seen these little guys. I love that the three of them are in their little tree. :) One year in art class, I don't remember what the actual assignment was, but I remember that I chose a Koshari as my subject.

  3. So many things in the world to discover. Thanks for bringing these Koshari Kachina into my day today. Really uplifting!

  4. What a neat thing to discover about today. And what a nifty collection you have!

  5. Now I will sound intelligent, should I encounter these fellows in a gift shop. Interesting story. But what's the story of why you had this on your Christmas list?

  6. What an intriguing story about these neat little clowns!