Sunday, March 2, 2014

Nimbus der wählerischer Esser...or Nimbus the Picky Eater

I just heard myself saying, "That's it.  You gobbled down the same kind of food this morning and I am not going to open a new kind."  I was telling this to my 22 year old cat, Nimbus.  She has become quite picky in her old age.  When she was young her main diet was a hard dental food which she chowed down with no complaints.  Now it has become a 'pick the right kind' of game.  She will really like Chicken Liver Pate in the morning and then snub her nose at it later in the day. 
Nimbus in her younger years.  She looked like a storm cloud
so I named her Nimbus...short for cumulus nimbus cloud.

Ray has been known to make a smorgasbord for her with three small helpings of such choices as Savory Salmon Feast in Its Own Juices, Flaked Trout Feast, and Turkey & Giblets Feast.  I hear  him talking to her as she chastises him with her Edith Bunker meow.  "How do you NOT get that I do NOT like repeating the same types of food?" she seems to be telling him.

We have tried to play Joan Crawford in 'Mommy Dearest' and leave the food all day for Nimbus to learn that she eats what is provided and nothing new is going to magically appear.  Of course, one of us will break down and try a new tactic.  Providing a new bowl with the same food worked for a couple of days.  We take turns in feeding her....maybe she just wants a change in allowing her subjects to serve her.  All of our tactics work for a short time and then Nimbus belts out a howl and we are her mercy.

She is quite put out with me now because I forgot that she does not like the Salmon and Shrimp Feast.  It has tiny little shrimps in it which must be quite distasteful.  But she does like the Cod, Sole & Shrimp Feast....well this morning she did.  I guess it is back to the store to get what used to be her favorite, Chicken Feast in Gravy with Cheese.  We have tried every brand from the cheapest to the most expensive...but what it comes down to is her mood.  And at 22 years old...what else can we do?
This is Nimbus last year sitting on one of her
favorite spots, my laptop. ( I have begun to trim
her she looks a bit ragged.

Here is a real short video of Nimbus meowing.  This is
when she is being soft spoken as her meow is ear
piercing when she becomes impatient with us.

I had a comment on my post from yesterday...about me learning German...and the thought was to write a German phrase for each of my posts this month.  This phrase would read: Nimbus der wählerischer Esser.  Nimbus, the picky eater.  ( I had to use Google Translate for that as I am still learning how to tell you my age and name and where I live. :-) )


  1. When you get to be 22 in cat years, you have earned the right to be picky and finicky!!!!!!!

  2. What a beautiful cat! She does deserve to be pampered. She's a survivor! Enjoy every day you still have her!

  3. Gotta love cats cats! I love your thorough description of her pickiness - it made me laugh.

  4. I love her! Our two are just 10ish. I can only imagine how they'd be at 22. Oh my. You are a lovely mommy to her. Thank you for the peek inside her day.

  5. Cats sure train us well. One of our cats, Ned, will not eat anything but Whiskas fillet mignon in the wet variety. Yes, we cater to him. Wouldn't be without him, Molly, and Archie - our fur babies.

  6. Cats are the best - such personalities. I love the picture of Nimbus on your laptop - personality personified!

  7. Good for Nimbus - 22 and going strong. Pets are so funny - they are definitely the queen or king of the house. Thanks for sharing the video!

  8. 22 years old?! Wow! She's obviously loved - that must be her secret to longevity. ;-) Great name! BTW, I love the look of your blog.

  9. She acts like a cute cat.

  10. Nimbus is lucky to have such patient humans!

  11. Purrfect name for such a stormy character. She is pretty, makes me miss my cats. She has earned the right to be picky. Keep loving her!

  12. Aw. I think our 12 1/2 year old Siamese acts like he is getting old! Cats are so endearing with their big personalities!

  13. Loved this post. Great description of what we do to please our pets after all the years they have given us pleasure. Nimbus, keep 'em guessing old girl!!