Monday, March 24, 2014

O C Dasterdly Deeds

While reading my step-daughter's post It's the Little Things I was again reminded of my friend, Rae.  You might remember some of the former posts...or Rae Stories.  Rae has a mild case of OCD.  She is not like the TV character, Monk, where she cannot function normally.  But there is just enough OC in her that makes her a bit entertaining.  Let me explain.

Rae was the principal at our middle school.  I was the guidance counselor. Sid was the school secretary.  Each morning Rae would arrive with coffee cup in hand.  She stopped by the workshop and had a morning smoke with the custodians.  She would ask for suggestions on what needed to be done for the day, then ask about their families and then she would head to her office.  Each morning, Rae, Sid and I would meet to plan the day.

What Rae did not know was that Sid and I had 'rearranged' Rae's office each day before she arrived.  We would not do much...most people would not even fact Rae did not notice.  That was what made it so funny (well, at least to Sid and me).  We would make things 'uneven' in her office.  The pictures might be off...just a hair.  Her pens that had been aligned so carefully on her desk would be turned ever so slightly.  One of her green folders might be found between her blue ones.  Paper work stacked at right angles might have one rebellious sheet with an askance look on its face daring Rae to notice it.  The keyboard would angle just a bit to the right (or left) and the computer monitor would be a fraction cockeyed. 

It was a challenge for Sid and me to 'rearrange' so that the average person would not notice...and vary the items that were 'rearranged' each day.  Our fun began when Rae walked in and our morning meeting would begin.  The whole time we would be chatting Rae would be straightening everything that was out of place.  Sid and I would always look at each other...smiles on our faces.  I am sure we looked quite guilty, but Rae was so focused on the discussion that she seemed unaware that she was having to put things back in order. 

After months of doing this (not every day) we finally broke down and told Rae.  She was busy putting things in order, all the while talking about the day.  She finally noticed our faces...we could contain ourselves no longer.  We all had a good laugh.  What a fun office we had.  Thanks, Valerie for bringing back a fun memory.

After writing this, I look at my desk and wonder what Rae would think.  So I took a before and after picture.  The first is just how I saw it...the second is how Rae would probably have it.
Note: Desk on left is an example of a creative mind.   Desk on right has closed the plastic drawer, put scissors in the proper place, and there is an attempt at putting things in order...even though Rae would still cringe at the notebooks forming an unsteady pile.  But this desk is also an example of a creative mind...the clutter has been removed opening avenues to create.

Not much difference my eyes.  Rae would not be pleased with the lame attempt at making things even on the right.  She probably would like the desk on the left only because it seems more balanced...but still too messy.  The pencil on the right desk would really bother her.  While putting my desk in order, I did find the missing keys to our cottage in Illinois. 


  1. Love the story. I can picture Rae going about "fixing" things as you had your morning planning session. The fact that you all can laugh at it shows true friendship.I sometimes wish I were more like Rae. Maybe I wouldn't keep misplacing things that way.

  2. Your story of Rae is exactly what I did to my husband. He was principal and I worked in the building too. He is anal about symmetry and order, me not so much. His secretary and I would put things askew when he was not in his office. We had great fun torturing him this way.

  3. That is a great story and imagine you and Sid being in cahoots!! That was too funny. And tell her I said Hi and that even though I struggled in her Bio class, I knew it in college! : )

  4. I'm glad my post could inspire you! :)

  5. I am so not like Rae. But I am missing a key, so maybe I should pretend I am and straighten up a little. Wish me luck.

  6. Funny Story. I would just like it if some OCD person would go crazy on my happy mess! :)

  7. You three must have had a blast together! Boy, we had some fun times back then.